fasting before blood test, April 1st 2012

by pete, of the adams family
(Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico)

fasting before blood test. A strange title for a blog entry you might think! Well, yes, you're right but i have reasons. "fasting before blood test" is searched for over 600 times per month and as i recently completed a 41 day fast and am discussing it here, then visitors attracted here as a result should get value. It's all part of the plan to save the world :-)

So, to update on my after fasting experiences over the last three days:

i'm almost too ashamed to share this, but i aspire to perfect Satya (honesty / truthfulness) & not telling would be breaking Satya. i won't give you the whole story, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words:

fasting-before-blood-test It's all gone horribly wrong!

Well, that's not quite true, it's a process & i'm learning, but things are certainly not going as planned. My plan was (and still is) to eat 100% raw food. My new friend and healer Sophia warned me; "just be in tune to what your body is asking for as it overcomes old addictions to cooked food." Boy oh boy was she right.

raw-food-feast It didn't start out like that however. As you know from my last blog post, i had prepared some raw flat-bread made from wheat sprouts as per instructions from Jesus, and left it drying in the sun. Well that worked out very well. i made a tomato, onion & garlic sauce to go with it and a raw salad of cilantro, carrot, sweet potato, baby squash and avacado. It was a delicious raw food feast!

mexican-childrenThe mechanics children took delight in watching me make it and eat it. i even let them taste a little.

It's all getting a little hazy now & i'm not quite sure where things started to go wrong. Perhaps it was a trip to the supermarket and the bottle of wine i bought to celebrate completing my fast!

louise-hay-heal-your-bodyi remember eating mango, banana, oats with raisins, cinnamon and coconut water.

As i finished the wine, i also finished off a jar of olives that had been in the cupboard for over a year.
Yeah, i know, i'm completely crazy!

Just so you know i'm not totally obsessed by food, here are some other pictures i took while i was in Campeche a couple of nights ago:




wheatsprouts-ginger-turmeric-aloe-vera-garlic-lemonThis morning i thought i would try again and make a fresh start, so made myself a healing juice of wheatsprout water, ginger, turmeric, garlic, lemon and a little honey.

healing-wheatgrass-juiceIt was very nice and went down a treat. My intention at that point was not to eat any more for a while, but to juice everything.


not-raw-food.... i didn't count on the fact that i still had food in the house, but i soon took care of that :-). At least it was fairly healthy food! Vegetable bread, Organic Olive Oil, Hummus with no additives, and tomato.

Now it might sound like i'm stressing about all this fasting and food stuff and that i'm eating emotionally. Well, i know that in the past that has been the case, but now i'm feeling really good. i'm currently on my way to Mazunte, Oaxaca to see some friends & join a three day meditation retreat. Alejandra who i've not seen for a year is coming down from Mexico city for the retreat :-). i will go to visit David in Puerto Escondido.
i'm also full of inspiration and planning a transformational healing center in Mexico and lots of friends are getting involved. So, life is really good right now and i'm happy as Larry (whoever he is :-).

i guess i just need to let my body get used to being the way it is after the fast, allow old habits to fall by the wayside and apply some willpower and feed myself ONLY healing juices & food. i think that being around others doing the same will help me with that, so, time for me to leave Ciudad del Carmen and get on the road for Mazunte again.

i would really appreciative it if you share this fasting before blood test page, my Natural Way to Cure Cancer page, my Mexican Healing Center page and any others you feel your friends and family might benefit from reading.

Peace be with you
pete, of the adams family

ps. If you are thinking about "fasting before blood test"; i think that fasting is virtually always a VERY good idea for health, but why are you taking a blood test? Perhaps you might be better taking the test, then fasting and taking another to find out the difference. Also, i think you should strongly consider live blood analysis instead of a standard test. There is a HUGE difference.

pps. Please make comments below. i'm sure it'll be fun & as a bonus it will help this page get to the top of the search engines :-)

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Apr 02, 2012
A Vision for Our Food
by: The Intenders of the Highest Good

A Vision for Our Food

We see a world where all foods, everywhere, are healthy, beautiful,and delicious; where every morsel is filled with life-force energy which makes us strong and vibrant so we are able to live active, fulfilling lives.

We see the food cared for, every step of the way, as it comes from the Earth to our tables; where the farmers and gardeners have realized that the energy within the food is directly related to the love that went into growing it; where people bless and pray over the plants as they grow because along with seeding, fertilizing, watering, and cultivating the plants, we have learned that praying over and intending blessings for every plant is an equally important part of the farming process, and that it insures the
energy we receive from the plants is of the highest quality.

We see additives, addictive agents, preservatives, processing, and packaging no longer needed because we, humanity, have evolved to a point where we are only ingesting clean, fresh, live foods; where people have understood that part of the great change we have been going through involves us becoming lighter - growing a light body - and evolving to a level where the only food we will eventually be eating is Light.

Click here to align with this vision.

Apr 02, 2012
i've been thinking.....
by: pete, of the adams family.

i've been thinking about why i found it so easy not to eat when i was fasting, compared with how difficult i'm finding it to eat reasonably & healthily now i'm no longer fasting.

i guess there's no one thing i can pin it down to, but here are some thoughts:

While fasting i was staying at Leo Shangrila Ranch, isolated, natural, no phones or internet. i had a routine where i would get up before sunrise & meditate, perform agnihotra, do some yoga then feed the dogs, before making myself a juice. i would then usually read some uplifting texts before taking a trip into Tunkas town to do some work on the internet. Every second day before going into town i would do a bowel cleanse; either Shanka Prakshalana, or an enema ) which would take between one and three hours. i would usually listen to a peace or healing audio while doing the bowel cleanse.

i would nearly always return to the ranch around 4 pm to water the plants for about an hour and a half, which in itself was a healing meditation, before performing agnihotra again at sunset. Evenings would usually be more spiritual reading & meditation before an early bedtime.

i left the ranch on the last day of fasting & since then my routine has changed considerably, focusing much more externally, than on healing & internal focus. i've been getting things fixed on my RV & motorbike, driving quite a bit and of course thinking about and preparing food. This evening i picked up and started reading A Course in Miracles again which i had not done for three days.

So, i think it's time to get the balance right again. More internal, less external. Everything is in the mind after all!

Peace & Love

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