Mexico Yoga Teacher


Geoffrey Torkington from Glendale, California is the senior Agama Mexico Yoga Teacher. He had his initiation into spiritual practice in 2000 in Japan during a Zen sesshin, in which one meditates while screaming almost nonstop for four and a half days.

His first major trip to India occurred in February 2002 where he met Agama founder Swami Vivekenanda Saraswati of Romania and was introduced to the Agama Yoga system. Starting from early 2004, Geoff went to the Agama headquarters in Thailand and spent approximately 6 months of each year there learning and practicing the Agama yoga system in its myriad of components. He began teaching in March of 2006. Since then he has been part of a team of teachers teaching or leading schools in Koh Phangan and Chiang Mai as well as in Rishikesh, India. Geoff's strong teaching presence, his proficiency in the practice, and an honest, loving nature have made his classes popular and effective.

All of those experiences led him to bring the Agama 24 day intensive course to the Americas -- to the southern Mexican coastal state of Oaxaca (until now primarily available in Asia).

Mexico Yoga Teacher

Since 2001, Geoffrey has also spent time going deep in other meditative environments, notably numerous Buddhist retreat centers in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Japan and India along with several months in China working with a Chi Gong based Kung Fu. He shares a similar vision to his own yoga teacher that more and more people will find the truly precious value in turning to the systematic and well tried modality of Yoga and Tantra when presented in their full power.

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