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September 22nd, 2006
Issue #2

"New Life, New Car, New Puppy, New Business"

Table of Contents

o New Life Abroad - Episode 2
In the second of a series of mini-articles Lorraine tells you amongst other things about our experience of buying a car in Turkey.

o Moving Abroad & Surviving
An article by Rhiannon Williamson.

o Moving Overseas Guide Site Update
More about the progress of our website, how we intend to develop it further and links to the latest pages.

o Free Moving Abroad Resources
In this section we point you towards some great articles, books or websites we've found which could help you with your move overseas.

o New Life Abroad - Episode 3
As its been a couple of months since Lorraine penned Episode 2 of New Life Abroad, I thought I'd give you my two-penneth and bring you up to date.


New Life Abroad - 2

Hi and welcome to Episode Two of New Life Abroad

It's now nearly 3 months since we moved to Turkey. It's not been an easy ride but we're having some fun and are still happy in our house. We've had a few minor problems like the swimming pool leaking and some electrical problems but generally it's okay. We've finally found out our address after some running around and form filling.

Buying a Vehicle
Since the last episode of New Life Abroad, we have bought 3 vehicles: A car, a motorbike and a scooter. Pete went to Izmir with a Turkish friend to get the car and had to take 2 trips. The first time he went for another car but they got a little suspicious ......

Read the rest of the article here.


Moving Abroad and Surviving

There is a darker side to moving abroad that few people ever consider – did you know that last year 191,000 people relocated overseas from the UK but 105,000 Britons also returned having failed to establish their new life overseas?

For the thousands of disillusioned people who fail to survive and flock ‘home’ to their mother country year after year, it certainly isn’t a case of “no going back”. If you're thinking of moving overseas you therefore need to understand the main reasons people cite when they return. By understanding these reasons you should be able to avoid the pitfalls and pain and succeed where others may fail, thereby fulfilling your dreams of a new life abroad.

The Practicality of Your Location

You need to make sure that you choose the very best location in the country you choose to fulfil your practical needs on a day to day basis.

Consider the accessibility of a location for family and friends to visit you and for you to reach a doctor, the supermarket, a school or even a hairdresser. Find your perfect location, location, location by visiting the areas you’re interested in and considering them thoroughly from the point of view of how easy and practical your day to day life there will be.

Accessibility & Homesickness

Wherever you choose to live, consider the accessibility of the location with your old home country in mind. Sure, you may be sick of the sight of certain people right now but you never know what tomorrow will bring and how are you going to feel if you can’t get back to visit, or if the important people in your life can’t afford to visit you?

Do bear this point in mind as ‘homesickness’ and ‘inaccessibility’ are some of the main reasons people cite when they give up on their dream of a new life abroad.

Being Accepted

The first two years in any new country are by far the hardest. It takes this amount of time to build up enough knowledge of the local areas, customs, people and language to make your new house feel like ‘home’.

It also takes a significant investment and effort on your part to find true acceptance and getting to the stage where you really feel you ‘belong’ in your community will take time, effort and above all perseverance. By far the biggest influence you can make to become accepted is to learn the language. Don't underestimate how long this can take.

I highly recommend using Rosetta Stone Software which Lorraine & I have been using to learn Turkish. The software comes on CD & combines pictures, sound & the written word & is entirely in the language you are learning. With well over 100 hours of lessons it represents excellent value in my opinion. Nine months down the line I've still not finished the lessons but feel I am progressing well.

Expectation versus Reality

Moving abroad won’t necessarily ‘fix’ your life - if you do move abroad you won’t escape your history, you won’t escape who you are, you won’t escape all of the day to day grind and you may not always improve your quality of life! So make sure you have realistic expectations of your new life abroad before you go and know that living abroad will be very different to holidaying abroad.

YES your new life abroad can offer you so much more, but just make sure your expectations can match the reality and remember the saying – life isn’t necessarily a beach just because you live beside one!

Health & Wellbeing

One of the saddest reasons people cite when giving up their dream of a new life abroad is health and wellbeing. The trap is the price, availability and quality of health care in their ‘new’ country. Please look at the local health care facilities, think about long term and respite care, consider health insurance for all your family and basically don’t bury your head in the sand! If you consider the worst case scenario and protect yourself against it, chances are you will be prepared for everything and will financially survive.

Last But Not Least - Money

THE most common reasons for people returning ‘home’ with their dreams shattered is that they simply run out of money.

If you’re moving abroad and hoping to find work you need to know that unemployment in the country is way above the EU average, if you don’t speak the language you’ll struggle and some of your qualifications may not be recognised. If you’re considering downsizing when you move abroad it can be more than just a shock to the system to leave a well paying job to become a pool cleaner. If you’ve sold up and released equity to live on have you honestly thought about how long you can practically live on this amount? What about affording your retirement years, trips back to your home country, health care, transportation and the unexpected costs that spring up when we least expect them?

There are ways to afford to live on less and there are ways to make what you have go far further. The bottom line is - to survive overseas you simply MUST consider your financial position before you make ANY move.

Good luck in realising and securing your dream.

Moving Abroad and Surviving was adapted from an article by Rhiannon Williamson, the publisher of Shelteroffshore.com - the online resource for investment property abroad, offshore investing and living overseas articles.


Moving Overseas Guide Site Update

After sixteen months of building this website, I've come to realise that Lorraine & I are not ever going to be able to write sufficient information for our site. More information is needed about all the different countries you could emigrate to, a guide about Overseas Removals, obtaining a residence permit and all the many other things necessary to help you plan a move overseas. I realise that Moving Overseas is a HUGE subject & our Moving Overseas Guide cannot cover everything.

So, I've decided that where our site lacks information and we don't think we'll have the time to add it in the forseeable future, we'll add pages giving you links to other good sites that cover those subjects in more detail. Although we realise that sometimes we may lose you to "a competitor website", our aim is to help you as much as we can with your move overseas. Hopefully you'll remember our Moving Overseas Guide & return later.

Anyway, Lorraine & I will continue to write about our own experiences and although much of this may be related to Turkey, we hope it will still give you some personal insight into starting a new life abroad yourself.

Perhaps you've already moved abroad & can tell us about your experiences, or maybe you've spent a few months in a country we've not covered & would like to help us add some useful tips about that country. If YOU have some information you think might be useful to our readers, please let us know so we can either incorporate it into our site or link to your site if we think it is appropriate. Contact Us & let's have a chat about it.

Here are links to a few of the most recent pages published on Moving Overseas Guide. We hope you enjoy them:

Lorraine-and-parents-gumusluk (9K)Gümüslük Pictures - Lorraine's parents came to visit us for 3 weeks recently so a couple of weeks ago we took them to see Gümüslük and took lots of photo's. Come with us for a mini-tour of Gumusluk to see fishing off Rabbit Island, snorkelling in the crystal clear waters, pictures of the bay and views from the fish restaurants on the dock.

Bodrum Design & Build - Our new business of property development has branched out. We can now help you invest in a Purpose Built Luxury Villa in the Bodrum area. We can help you choose land with a sea view or close to town and then project manage the building of your dream home from start to finish. You might well be surprised how little a luxury villa in the sun can cost.

Moving Overseas WebLog - Our Blog page not only gives you descriptions & links to all our latest pages, but we also frequently include snippets of news items about moving overseas. Want to read the latest about pensions advice for people moving abroad or learn when the next "Place in the Sun" exhibition takes place? This is the place to come!

Free Moving Abroad Resources

International Living Free Reports. Although I'd be wary about signing up for their "Postcard Newsletters" as I've received thirteen of them since signing up eight days ago, this website does have some very useful resources. You might find that the A New Life on the High Seas report inspires you. The twenty two page How to Prepare for a Move Overseas report gives excellent advice and even includes a 3 page check-list at the end. I cannot recommend it highly enough

Overseas Removals Checklist. This section of the "Help I am Moving" website gives a very useful stage by stage guide for organising your overseas removal. If you're just in the planning stages of a move overseas at the moment, make sure you bookmark the page & return to it 3 months before your move is scheduled.


New Life Abroad - 3

Hello, I'm Pete. Welcome to New Life Abroad - Episode 3. I've decided it's time I took my turn to tell you about how I'm feeling about our new life abroad, so here goes:

We moved abroad to Turkey nearly six months ago and I think we're finally starting to settle in. A lot has been written about "Culture Shock" and although we read up about it before we moved, I for one was still not fully prepared for what happened in our first few months. We've now been through the initial stages of excitement & frustration and now I'm certainly starting to feel more relaxed. I think there will still be more frustrations to come, but now I'm confident that we're gonna survive the Culture Shock & enjoy our new life abroad to the full.

life-abroad (52K)
Life Abroad - Living in Turgutreis, Turkey

So, I'm gonna tell you about a few of the exciting, frustrating, sad & happy "experiences" we've had. Maybe in another month or two, I'll give you my take on Culture Shock & how to prepare yourself to minimise the effects.

Service Supply Challenges - Water, Electricity & Telephone.
Telephone (and Internet access)
Now personally I'm not that bothered about the telephone as I have a mobile phone & it's not that expensive to use. What did bother me though was ......

Read the rest of the article here.


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