A special meditation space

by János

A special meditation space is just oh-so-special to me.

Janos's Mazunte Sunrise Painting

I was there at Agama Yoga in Mexico for only a short time in 2008/9 but I know I'll go back one day. It was such a beautiful experience, to be high up, overlooking the bay in an open setting with nothing but the sky, the trees and the ocean.

To hear the sound of the rolling surf far below, watching the darkness melt, rubbing sleep out of my eyes as I would prepare for the first meditation of the day. I remember gazing at the breaking waves as the sky grew light; watching the change from crimson, to pink then to yellow, as the sun rose slowly from the ocean.
I meditate with open eyes, so I would see the changing light bathing the wisps of clouds from below, giving form and colour to the bay.

I would hear the rustling of the palm thatch as the gentle breezes stirred by the warmth of the sun brushed against my face. The sun's rays would come slanting in, creeping across the floor towards me ... ever so slowly and the albatrosses would begin their vigil of the skies.
What a great place to meditate - true tranquility.

Below is an extract from day 21 of the course notes given to students taking the Agama Yoga First Level Intensive Course:

Meditation (introductory idea's)

When discussing the difficult subject of meditation, one of the main problems is how to explain a method that is effective, efficient and controllable, and is also suitable for beginners. Previously, the state of meditation was personally induced by a teacher (guru) and ceaselessly verified through training periods of varying lengths. In this way, the possibility for erring was very limited, but in the modern world the situation is quite different.

The opportunity for direct initiation and the presence of a spiritual guide have become scarce, and therefore we often encounter cases of people who honestly believe they practice meditation but do not in actual fact. Frequently we hear people boast about having “meditated” for the last twenty years, but when asked about the actual spiritual effects resulting from this practice, or when their behaviour is observed, they do not show any real transformation.

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