Agama Yoga Day 1, Koh Phangan Thailand

by Lee Persson
(Koh Phangan)

Morning session 08:30

Took of all jewelery, put on some cotton clothes.

Signed in, since it was first day.

Got my book. Yes, we also get homework! ;)

Still tired, but my morning changed quickly.

Took 10 min to wake up my brain though and really listen.

I noticed that I was stiff and un focused, but hey – First day!

My brain were working fast fast fast...

I noticed myself acted (or thinking) like a little kid :

- Bla bla bla bla bla bla, Weeeeeeeee, Lalalalalalaaaa!!

But that's why I'm there! To learn how to control and focus.

After the morning session,

I had more energy but I decided to stay in my room and think, write and relax.

Not good weather anyway so I watched a movie too.

Then it was time for afternoon session at 16:00
and after that some more talking about what yoga is.

The first days is apparently mostly teory and talking. Alot about the 7 Chakras!

More understanding, so you know what you are doing etc.

Some things they talked about, made me realise alot.

I can't really explain how, because you have to experience it
yourself to know what I'm talking about.

One of the teachers said that she had a 40 hour sessions about WHAT YOGA IS!

So, you maybe understand that I could write a whole book if I started
to write about it.

Well, a good thing is that we are going to learn about healing.

Great, maybe that helps me to stop being sick all the time :)

A weird thing that happened during the exsercise was that someone took my hand.

Or something. TWICE!

I opened my eyes and thought someone in the room accidently touched me.

But it was no one near me... Hmmmm....?

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Apr 13, 2011
Where did you stay?
by: Alison

I'm going to Agama yoga in July but have no idea where to stay for the month - there's loads of options but the reviews are pretty bad and I want somewhere clean. Any suggestions?

Apr 27, 2010
Agama Yoga Spirit?
by: Yogi Sinzapatos

Hey Lee, sounds like you have some spirits with you. I look forward to hearing what they get up to on day 2 :-)

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