Agama Yoga, Day 2, Thailand, Purification

by Lee Persson
(Koh Phangan)

I'm gonna do this blog post a bit shorter then I was thinking.
I don't really feel good at the moment and now I know why.

Thanks Yoga. Thanks a lot for making me feel sick as hell.
I know that it will do me good later on, and like I said - it's a purification!
I just hope that my MIGRAINE that is a pain in the ass right now,
is gonna go away and I can have my energy back soon,
so I can do other stuff then just lay down. Or vomit when I don't lay down!

So, from now on - NO PILLS in any kind, and NO SUGAR and NOTHING that blocks my energy.
And A LOT OF WATER! But that's nothing new, you should always drink a lot of water :)
Sorry Pete for not really understanding you before, but they explained everything today.
I understood about the meds, but when you REALLY understand, you UNDERSTAND.
HA HA, sounded complicated. But yeah, sometimes you feel like a dumb-ass!

The migraine has been going on the whole day, even if I went to bed after morning class.
When I did the gastric massage (the point is found under the breastbone) I felt sick.
So sick that I wanted to vomit. And every time I did it I felt worse and worse.
This massage is for purification of the energies in the abdominal area and
the expelling of toxic energies at the massage point.
I've did this before but I never felt sick from doing Yoga before.

When I came to my room, I took a shower (even if you should wait 1-2 hours) after class.
But the shower is my "feel better" place. I feel good under water.
And then it came. My illness. So I finally threw up.
After my shower I cried and cried. I don't really know why.
Just been really emotional.

We talked about that today as well.....
I have more YING energy then YANG.

Can someone please tell me that I am purified now?
More then that, I feel good. Everything is going well with the course.
It's just second day, so I guess that it can get worse in the beginning.

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