Agama Yoga Day 6 Thailand

by Lee Persson
(Koh Phangan)

This morning my energy was gone again.


What is going on? One day I'm fine and the next I'm sick again.

I am starting to get really tired of this.

Anyway, I went to class really low.

During the new exercise Trikonásana, which is a triangle pose,

my pelvis and hips felt soooo stiff that I thought that I was going

to die at exactly that moment I did the pose.

I also noticed that I felt weaker and weaker.

I wanted to cry. And I wanted to cry like a baby.

But I pulled myself together and tried to continue.

During the next exercise I was so exsausted that I just layed flat on the floor.

But I told myself and my brain: DON´T GIVE UP, I KNOW I CAN DO THIS!

So I raised up and did it even better then the first time.

But my muscles are not used to do this kind of stuff EVERYDAY.

I know my body and I know that it will say NO to me many times again.

And when you have SORE MUSCLES it's a pain in the ass I have to say.

I also got the number to Agamas Doctor, she is located at the HEALING CENTER.

And maybe she can help me out about what's going on with my body?

Now it's time for breakfast - Müsli, grapes, apple, yoghurt, raisins. Yum Yum!

Afternoon class went really good, the Trikonasana excersice we did this morning,
I manage to do it piece of cake. :)
Better focus on everything today, alot during music meditation.
The thing is when I do yoga, I get up old problems or/and thoughts,
and I find a solution to them to continue in peace.
I start to think of someone and I see the problem somehow.
I have a big step to take when it come to a certain person, and I will do it.
I just need to figure out how.

Well, this is all I have for today!
C ya'll tomorrow ey!

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