Agama Yoga in Thailand

by Pete Adams
(Koh Phangan, Thailand)

Tuesday 8th January 2008

"If you want to know your present, look at your past.
If you want to know your future, look at your present."

Today I start a one month Yoga course. Already, I just know it's going to be a life changing experience for me. Over the last few days I have met lots of people and started to get to know a few of them. I'd like to introduce you to some of them. Who knows, maybe you'll get to know them better as I do and as I write my blog posts. Let’s start with Sarah as she was one of the first.

Two or three days ago I was sitting on a cushion in the Ananda resort restaurant. There were a couple of other people at the table but I was reading I think. Then Sarah came in and sat at another table the other side of the room. I called over to her and made a comment and we held eye contact for several seconds. She hesitated a little but then she got up and came over and joined us. We talked and started to get to know each other. The next day was Sarah's birthday, so I got invited to a dinner party at her place.


Sarah's Party

There, I met lots more people. I can't tell you about everyone or I'll be here all day and you'll get bored. But here are some. The picture is not good because it was so dark, but Sarah is the one with short dark hair, third from the right.


Marco and David

Marco is now living here. I think he's doing the Teacher Training Course (TTC) and if so will be also be doing the first month course with me as are all the TTC attendee's. David is from Canada and he's travelling for about six months before starting a "career". We talked a lot and I think he may come to the yoga course for a day to see what it's like.
Sarah by the way is originally from Brighton, England but is now travelling, like me. She is doing the TTC. I think we're gonna be good friends. The party broke up at 3am!

Monday 7th January 2008
I nuked my kettle yesterday morning. I was having a cup of tea with my neighbour Ritva from Finland as we now do every morning. I put the kettle on for a second cup, but we decided to visit our other neighbour who is building an underground meditation chamber. So, we clambered inside and took a look. It is amazing. The acoustics are fantastic. I can't wait until it's finished and hope to get permission to take some pictures to post here. Anyway, I then grabbed some breakfast and went to town to change some money and buy some yoga trousers. About three hours later I came back and found the kettle still on. Luckily it was outside.



Me in my new Yoga trousers :-)

Lots more people attending the TTC and the First Month Course (FMC) started arriving. There are 24 TTC's and about the same no. of FMC's, so the yoga hall is very crowded. I was in the restaurant again and just kept inviting everyone over to the big table I was sitting at. Here are a few peeps I chatted to for quite a while. Naomi had just arrived and had rented the scooter that I rented the day before. So I warned her it was dangerous and the brakes didn't work. Naomi is from New Zealand but lives in Vancouver, Canada. I don't have a picture of Naomi yet but probably in my next post I will.

Alka is Indian but lives in Bangkok running her own fashion business. She's only here for the first 7 to 10 days of the FMC because of business commitments, but I think she'll change her mind and rearrange. I hope so. I know we're gonna be good friends. I did take a picture of Alka but she held a beer bottle in front of her face, so I'll wait for another moment.



Somehow I managed to delete the decent picture I took of George, so this one is a bit blurred. George is Canadian, also from Vancouver, so I'll be introducing him to Naomi. We had a very long and in depth talk last night, with Alka and Noam. We're gonna get on well. George is doing the TTC.


Swami Vivekananva

Swami Vevekananva came along and gave us a talk about what to expect over the next month or three (the TTC is 3 months long) and the teachers introduced themselves, as did most of the students.

Having spoken to several TTC's, listened to the Swami and watched the Agama DVD during the evening, a germ of an idea has started forming. But I'll keep that to myself for the moment.

Update - 1400 hrs Tuesday 8th January 2008
This mornings lecture was extremely eye opening going into very great detail about what Yoga is all about. I now have no doubt that I have chosen the right course. The lecture was followed by learning the warm up excersises. We resume at 1600 hrs today.

Here are a few more pictures from this morning:


I was awake very early this morning & sat on the beach for the sunrise. And I seem to have another new freind.


Reuban from Glastonbury, doing FMC


Amanda from Switzerland (FMC) & Me


William from Massacheusetts, USA

William has quite a story to tell. I'll have a chat with him to get more details and report back soon.


Ritva from Finland. My neighbour

Ritva always seems to pick the hammock. It's my turn tomorrow Ritva, you can take the chair.


Comments for Agama Yoga in Thailand

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Jan 27, 2008
A dream comes true lol lol

Hi It all looks very mind changing, and yes wishfull thinking comes into play :o :o
And ifffffffff only.
Well all the best Peter and friends have a safe journey.

Jan 09, 2008
by: Anonymous

I'm Jealous! ;^) Great sunrise!
Jim from Turgutreis

Jan 09, 2008
by: 2e

Watcha daddy-o

Was coming on to chat to you as its my day realise you are probably learning Yoga.....i will come back on line 5pm English time to chat to you.

Wow.this blog is amazing, I cant even start to explain how beautiful the beach looks..... Your friends seem really really nice too. I really like the idea of yoga..... i once was going to start locally but it got as far as buying the gerri does yoga dvd (did it a couple of not gave up) and that was that!!!!
Pretty sure it would be so so different one on one where you are......... also very spiritual as well (not much spiritual about gerri H on a dvd).........I think its amazing!!!!

You nutter for leaving your kettle on..... Its so easily done when you have so much on your mind!!! (maybe you will forgive me for leaving my straightners on that time and melting the window ledge....oooooooops....I HAD LOTS ON MY MIND ha ha ha)

Love you lots and lots cant wait to chat to you.
2e xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jan 09, 2008
hi pete its aybars
by: Anonymous

i can seee u r enjoying ur time
do it my friend i wish i could do the same
new baby coming in 2 weeks so i am the shit
talk to u soon
i wish u the best
love aybars

Jan 09, 2008
downward dog
by: AJ

bearded man in orange suit... brunette just over his right shoulder... talk me up.


Jan 09, 2008
yoga in depth
by: ann jarvisAnonymous

just to say its brilliant that u are happy with the course u are doing and what a lovely lot of phots of friends. thANK U FOR ALL THE NEWS KEEP IT FLOWING

Jan 09, 2008
yoga man
by: DG

Nice trousers ! see the old tricks still work then. Enjoy ya yoga and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Jan 09, 2008
You lucky dog you!!!
by: Peb

Hey Pete, i sure am envious...... sounds like you are having a great time. And, you're taking time to post about it so that we can share in your journey. wishing i were there.......
learn all you can so you can teach me when you come back.


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