by Pete Adams
(Bangkok, December 4th December 2007)

Khaosan Road, Bangkok

Khaosan Road, Bangkok

Finally I'm here. After a 5 week delay starting my trip, it's great to be on my way, feeling free with no responsibilities and no-one to answer to. A bit lonely perhaps but it's my first day so I'm sure I'll get over that.

On the plane from Bahrain to Bangkok I sat next to and chatted with an English guy who now lives in Thailand. We shared a cab from airport and he helped me find a hostel on the Khaosan Road which is where all the backpackers go. We also shared the cab with a couple of girls from the U.K. who are backpackng solo.

I bought a 2nd hand copy of The Rough Guide to Thailand which I'm reading at the moment while sitting in a bar eating shitake mushrooms with cashew nuts and spring rolls. The food is so cheap. I had some vegetarian noodles earlier for 20 Baht (about 30 pence).

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting up with some couchsurfers for a guided tour which will include the Grand Palace, then on Thursday I plan to head north to Chaing Mai. I'm thinking about doing some trekking with the "hill tribes" and maybe a meditation and yoga course.


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