Bliss - Tejaswini

by Teja Shankara
(Ashland, Oregon, USA)

Yogini Tejaswini Buzz Bliss

Yogini Tejaswini Buzz Bliss

At 3:30am on April 30th, 2010, Yogi Sinzapatos cut my hair to help me release attachments... It is definitely working, as I am feeling so free... I'm in yogini-bliss.... You can read more about my experience on the Teja Blog at

Next I'm going to cut Yogi Sinzapatos' hair for for that story and video soon....

Consider buzzing YOUR hair for the Bliss of Peace!

Om Shanti (Peace),

Yogini Tejaswini

a.k.a. Teja Shankara, author of Radiance Rising: Spiritual Practices for Daily Living, a pocket book of practices that anyone - of any faith - can apply to their own path. Available at in print or by e-book.

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