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Bodrum Design and Build are a British / Turkish partnership committed to offering a top quality service to our customers and always being completely open & honest in all our dealings with both suppliers & customers.

If you are considering buying property in the Bodrum area, Bodrum Design and Build can offer you the best of both worlds. We can help you find a plot of land in the place you prefer & help you design & build a property to your exact requirements. Let me explain in a bit more detail how this could work:

Firstly, we need to find out if we can work within your budget, so we need to ask you a few questions about your preferred location as well as the type & size of property you would like. We can then work out some approximate figures for the cost of a plot of land and the cost of building. If this sounds attractive to you we can then go a bit further.

Turgutreis-Land (24K)We could then start searching for a plot of land in Bodrum, Bitez, Akyarlar, Turgutreis, Gumusluk, Yalikavak, Gundogan, Torba or indeed wherever else you prefer in the Bodrum area. You can tell us if you prefer sea views, close to town etc & we can give you different options. Some of these areas are in a "Military Zone" so cannot be bought by foreigners without setting up a company, but we can advise you of the implications if this is where you prefer. Bodrum Design and Build can then assist you in specifying your requirements for a property (including size, number of bedrooms, approximate finish quality, size of swimming pool, balconies etc.) We recommend that you create a "word picture". You can find detailed instructions of how to do this on the Monolithic Dome Institutes A Word Picture -- How to Design Your Own Dome Home page. Don't worry that they talk about a dome home, the principal is the same. However, if you do like the idea of living in a monolithic dome home, we can still help you.

Bodrum-Building-Costs (21K)Next, Bodrum Design and Build will work out a more accurate budget cost for the total project, including our fee's, based on your answers to the above. Up to this point there would be no cost to you & you need not visit Turkey at this stage unless you wish to. IF you feel this represents good value compared with other properties you see on the market, then you can consider going further with the project & come & visit a selection of plots of land.

Bodrum-Construction (11K)If at this stage you would like to proceed, we will agree terms & you will make an initial small investment. We will then commence negotiations with Architects (with whom you & we will work until you are satisfied with the plans), Builders, material suppliers etc. Our structural engineer will help manage the development & will attend the site on an very regular basis. He will be acting independently from the builders. This will ensure high standards of build & quality of finish. You will pay all the architects, builders, engineers fee's and cost of materials, as & when the payments become due. We create a cash-flow budget so you will know at what stage further investments will be required. You will know up-front what our own fee's are & these will also be paid in stages.

Luxury-Bodrum-Villa (15K)Bodrum Design and Build are confident that if you choose our services, you will end up with a far superior property to others on the market, built to your exact requirements (could be duplex & apartment, or 5 bedroom villa, a 2 bedroom villa or whatever you prefer), in the location of your choice & at market beating value. A point to remember is that a developer will want a far greater profit than we will charge you as a fee AND that a developer MAY reduce quality to increase his profit. We would be doing the opposite, all the time checking on the builders standards & ensuring high quality. We would also be negotiating hard with all suppliers to ensure maximum value. All those savings would be yours as you would be paying the bills. You can have all costs verified independently by an accountant / solicitor of your choosing.

  • Initial project costing based on your specifications
  • Location & purchase of a suitable plot of land
  • Detailed project plan & costings
  • Selection of suitable building professionals
  • Detailed reports & digital photo's at various stages of construction
  • Supervision of the project from start to finish

  • You can find more information about Buying property in Turkey here. Please feel free to Contact Bodrum Design and Build by e-mail or call Pete on 0090 5387 402497 if you have any questions or if I can be of any help on any other matter.

    Pete Adams
    Bodrum Design & Build

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