Day 5 at The Sanctuary

by Lucinda
(Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico)

I arrived on Saturday after a grueling 36 hour travel across half of Mexico, and dove straight into my fruit juice fast. It was a wonderful feeling to arrive and be welcomed with open arms to this place of relaxation.
Day 3 was definitely the hardest, I was dealing with a lot of toxins coming out and i could not fight off the negative thoughts no matter how hard i tried. It didn't get much better after that so i chose to end my fast early, it has been a while since i last fasted and I figured it is always best to listen to the body.
It was wonderful to bite into a fresh piece of Papaya! I had to remind myself to chew thoroughly and eat slowly as my body was fragile, and afterwards i lay down for a bit to make sure my body could use all it's energy accepting the freshness.
I felt slightly more grounded towards the end of day 4 after eating more Papaya and decided to eat some fresh potatoe and spinach broth.
I definitely woke up today feeling like my feet are back on the ground and there are bouncy tunes in my head. I'm feeling back to my positive self!
So I got into some manual labour outside but after realizing that i'd only had 1 small meal in the past 5 days the heat was a bit too much and I decided to head inside to do some blogging :)
It has been great to open myself up to new practices and sharing thoughts and feelings with the people in my close community. I even had the pleasure of a singing bowl session last night that involved at times the bowl on my stomach being played to create glorious vibrations throughout my body.
I'm looking forward to evolving my meditation practice, I got my own private lesson this morning from Pete as i am not an experienced meditator and need assistance learning the technique of letting the thoughts go (don't we all? hehe).
So in to a little bit of cooler work for the warmer part of the morning...i'll try a little sweeping inside. Maybe i will practice as i'm sweeping imagining that i am also sweeping out the inside of me.
"If an egg is broken from the outside, life ends. If an egg is broken from the inside, then life begins. Good things happen from the inside."
Light and Joy,

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