Fasting for the first time

by Benjamin joseph Kirpich
(Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico)

Enema Fasting

Enema Fasting

So this is my fourth day of my only juice fast cleanse. I do not feel at all fatigued or TOO hungry. If feel it has been very beneficial and will continue being so in the future.

Just after this short period of time with no solid foods i realize how much food, in today's society and in my mind set has been just a 'go too', something to substitute a feeling or just eating strictly out of boredom.

Another realization is that energy that we get from foods can be found in much healthier alternatives such as yoga, meditation, or even "sun gazing".

I have felt more of a clarity and lightness too as I'm consuming considerably smaller portions and it also being juice. I have also been performing an enema daily which I believe with supporting evidence to be very beneficial for a cleanse, as well as consuming MMS hourly throughout the day.

The second day was the toughest as many toxins were being flushed from my system but I didn't succumb to the temptations of food. This was due to will power that is being tested and practiced thoroughly here at The Sanctuary retreat/healing community. Some modalities of healing that I have support for and practice here, as well as learned are various Yogas, Meditations,and emotional tapping freedom techniques.

I have very much enjoyed my stay here and this fast is just the beginning of my healing and path towards righteousness and eventually peace during my stay

-Benjamin Kirpich

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