i challenge YOU Geoff Torkington

by pete, of the adams family

A Public Invitation to Geoff Torkington of Agama Yoga Mexico

Hey Geoff

i bet you didn't think you would be hearing from me this way.

Remember the last mens group meeting we had in Mazunte? There was me, you, David, Arnaud, Jeremy and Juan.

i recall we made each other some promises. One i recall was something like this:

"i promise to challenge you to help you with your spiritual growth"

Well i have a challenge for you. i think it will help your growth, your vision and your plan.

So, i know a little about your vision and plan (but i'm still waiting for you to send me the pdf) and i know you pretty well, so i'm fairly sure your plan is for the highest good.

Now, i've shared some of my plan with you (although i don't think you've read it all yet), and i think you know me well enough that you pretty much know my plan is for the highest good. Or certainly that my intention is.

So, i invite you to invest a little time in exploring the possibilities that my vision and plan has and how it will help amplify the effectiveness of both of our plans, if we join forces.

All you will have to do to start with is the following:

Read the stuff i have sent you so far.
a) A Vision for Peace and A Plan for Peace (Part 1)- in the public google document.

b) Read the e-mail i sent you describing Part 2 (which included pictures from my note-book).

c) Read Chapter 1 of A Plan for Peace - the novel. Here:
A Plan for Peace - the novel

d) Return here and reply to this invitation. And continue to interact here with me and others, on this "Unofficial" Agama Yoga blog. For a while. It won't take you long.

You will very soon understand why.

What say you Geoff Torkington. Are you up for a challenge?

Your friend
pete, of the adams family.
A Plan for Peace

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Nov 21, 2011
Mexico Healing Retreat
by: pete, of the adams family.

Mexico Healing Retreat

ps. every word of this comment will be indexed by the three major search engines within a matter of a day or two, helping more people find it by different keywords and helping the page itself rank higher.

New Blog submissions on the original http://www.moving-overseas-guide.com/mexico-yoga.html page will build another web-page, which will also get indexed with a new keyword, and comments will add to it. That page is also very likely to get high up in the search engines. Very soon there will be hundreds of highly ranked pages all indexed, all getting a few hits each month.

Mexico Healing Retreat

pps. i have some other marketing ideas which i think could explode visitor numbers if done right. If you would like to discuss more, you can find my contact info. here: A Plan for Peace - the novel

If you read right to the bottom,(and even on to chapter 2 & 3) you might get more of an idea.

Mexico Healing Retreat

Nov 21, 2011
Heart Meditation
by: pete, of the adams family.

Namaste Eyal

This was the original site for Agama Mexico. The http://agamayogamexico.com site came later. The reason the site is still up? Because it is not competition. It attracts visitors that the official site would not get were it not for my site. All enquiries on the contact form are sent to Agama Mexico.

An example - search for sahaja-agnisara-dhauti on google. The page that is number 1 on google (today - i just checked) - is a blog post from a friend who did month 1 in Thailand. i added more info about sahaja-agnisara-dhauti to the bottom to the page to ensure good info. for visitors about what they searched for. This automatically got me to the top of google as i ensured the page was keyworded in all the right places.

i then add
"This blog space is provided free of charge by Yogi Sinzapatos
to help bring awareness of the benefits attending Agama Yoga courses in Mexico, Thailand and other countries around the world.

Please share with others by clicking the links below. Thank you :-)"
with links, so Agama Mexico is the first place they are likely to go if they want to know more. Agama Mexico might have still got the visitor thru Thailand site which ranks no.3. That keyword has got me 7 visitors so far this month.

5 visits

48 visits

74 visits

and many more which could and do lead to students going to Mazunte who would have not gone otherwise. This is winning the keywords through the long-tail. The more students/teachers blog on this page, the more people will get attracted to the page through many different keywords related to Agama / Hridaya in Mexico. Someone might search for Heart Meditation Mexico for instance, i have a feeling that very soon, if they do that, they will find this comment and then might well go to Agama Yoga Mexico home page

If you send me your e-mail i will show you more stats. i have tried to get Geoff to change his site to a different system which i strongly believe could easily own the yoga mexico search market, but he still resists. This page, could be an example, to show how it works. You watch the traffic explode on this page if we get two or three people blogging on it daily, with pictures & correct key-wording. Agama / Hridayi would get a steady stream if not a flood of students, i reckon.

Peace brother.

Nov 04, 2011
google rank
by: eyalnow

why make a new page and drive traffic (and interactions) AWAY from

furthermore, your website address is not related to agama yoga mexico, and thus will get less google attention than the main site.

one of the links in your challenge is broken - plan for peace - the novel

good luck

Nov 04, 2011
my response to Pete
by: Geoff


you have an incredible patience and dedication to keep knocking. i am impressed. great photo with my name on it too. your not making it easy for me to skirt out of this one. there is something in your unique voice for me. i must admit that i am juggeling 25 different things in the moment along with San Francisco Nature and Waves. i have not said 'no,' yet. just feeling into that resistance but appreciating your sincerity and recognizing an element of genius which you are also working with. nothing more to say in this moment.

with love,

Geoff Torkington

Nov 04, 2011
Coming to Mexico
by: Geoff

I am off in a few days back to Mexico for more service and community and teaching and yoga. The school moves towards the end of its 3rd year and so many wonderful people have come through and continue to come through. This is a very special moment as we begin to prepare for the coming of Hridaya Yoga and world-level meditation teacher Sahajananda. Maribel will be teaching Hridaya at IMY Yoga Conference. Leading a meditation and teaching to over 200 people. And it seems Agama Yoga will have a table there selling Tangkhas, AUM t-shirts, Ganesha t-shirts, Yoga Pants, Thai Fisherman Pants, Singing Bowls, Tibetan Cds, etc. And then back to El Neem and our Yoga courses. A lot of work exchange happening this year and some great people coming together. Hope to see you there. www.agamayogamexico.com

Nov 04, 2011
Updates to this (unofficial) Agama Yoga-Mexico page
by: pete, of the adams family.

Just to remind you of something Geoff....

The more this page is updated, both by amending the dates and by these comments, the more relevant material there is in it about Yoga in Mexico, and about Peace, and Love, the more the seach engines will rank it for those type of terms.

i just thought that would interest you.

Peace brother

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