Koh Phangan and Christmas in England

by Pete Adams
(Koh Phangan)

Saturday 5th January 2008
Happy New Year everyone. It's been about 2 weeks since I last posted so I have a bit of catching up to do, but I'll try to keep it brief.

Wednesday 22nd December 2007 - Journey back to England
I left Luang Prabang at 8 in the morning and took an 8 hour bus ride to Vientiane. From there I flew to Bangkok and onwards to Heathrow. Finally I caught a train (with several changes en-route) to Thetford arriving at 6pm the next day.

Christmas, Family and Friends
I stayed at Mum's in Thetford mostly and she was kind enough to lend me her nearly brand new car. Christmas Eve I went to Norwich and met my son Danny, daughter Touran and her husband Richard in the pub and stopped off in Attleborough on the way back to see 2e and Richards new house.


Touran, Mum & Danny eating Christmas Dinner


Nana Edie, Mum, Me & Danny


Touran & Richard playing on the Space Hoppers that Danny bought them for Christmas

Christmas day was at Mum's with Mum, Nana and the kids, followed by Boxing day at Tourans. See pictures above.

The next day, Aunty Mary and Uncle Peter came up from Surrey to stay with Nana over the new year and stopped off at Mum's for dinner. Later in the afternoon I went to see my friend's Jon and Ros at their farm in Cranworth but they were going out for the evening so afterwards I had a pint, dinner and a good chat with Michael.

On Friday evening I met up with friends Gary and Derek. Derek and I talked for quite a while about our lives. Derek has been writing a historical novel which his wife Helen tells me is very good. Along with his songwriting, occasional singing gigs and a full time job, he leads a busy but happy life with Helen and two children. It was good to catch up Derek.

Saturday afternoon I was invited to Derek and Helens for a barbeque (strange for England in December) and had fun playing games. My mate Dave was also there so we caught up a bit. In the evening I went to see Jon and Ros again as we'd arranged to go out for the evening, but when I got there Ros was lying on the sofa concussed due t an accident with her horse. So we ended up spending the evening in Accident and Emergency at the hospital. Jon & I did start an interesting conversation though which continued when we got back. Ros & I ended up chatting until 4am after I'd given her some Reiki.

On Sunday I went to see Danny again in Norwich with his friend Michael where we all had lunch. We then went bowling & finally on to the cinema. Afterwards I met up with an old friend Maxine who'd I'd not seen for nearly 5 years, so we had a good talk about what had been happening in her life and mine. I introduced her to meditaion and also gave her some Reiki. I hope this Reiki stuff is working, but both Ros & Maxine said they felt very peaceful afterwards, so hopefully it's doing some good. Lately I seem to be having some quite deep and meaningfull conversations with friends, but just don't seem to be able to with my family. Last time I saw them in Turkey, I resolved to myself that I'd put that right at Christmas, but it just didn't seem to happen. Mind you, Mum & I did chat quite a bit & I introduced her to meditation and left her with a book I'd been reading. So I guess that was a start.

Cost of living
Having got used to prices in Asia, it came as a bit of a shock to be paying up to five times as much for most things in the U.K. For example, the 17 hour combined bus and boat ride from Bangkok to Koh Phangan cost £8. Compare that with the train ride from Heathrow to Thetford which I guess is about one fifth of the distance at a cost of £39 !

Yoga Retreat
After lots of searching on the internet I've finally settled on a Yoga course on Koh Phangan, an island in the South of Thailand famed for it's full moon parties on the beach. I had planned a one week course, but this course looks so good and such good value I decided to do the Agama Yoga 1 month beginners intensive course.

Voluntary Work
I'm planning on doing some voluntary work when I've finished the yoga course and have applied for Globalteer's Cambodia Kids Project helping with under-priveledged children in Cambodia. I've not yet received a reply so am also considering working for a relief project in Bangladesh to help mainly with water supplies following the recent tornadoes.

2nd January 2008 - Journey back to Thailand
The trip back was not ideal. Despite a good start with a lift to Heathrow from Uncle Peter & Aunty Mary leaving at 7am, it was eventually midday on day 3 when I arrived in Koh Phangan. I managed to grab a few hours sleep on the plane and bus but
was pretty knackered by the time I arrived.

For the last 5 hours or so of the journey I met up and chatted with Nick & Dan from Australia & Natalia from Columbia. It's Natalia's birthday today so hopefully I'll be meeting up with her and Dan a bit later to celebrate.

Anyway, a short cab ride from the ferry took me to the Ananda Yoga resort where I was hoping there was a room available for me. I'd e-mailed them a couple of times and phoned once but had not received a reply. I spoke to Vangelis, the Yoga teacher and owner of the resort who told me he had replied to my e-mails and although initially there was a room for me, I had not confirmed so he'd let it to someone else. I should have checked my spam folder! Vangelis was very helpful though and pointed me in the right direction to look for alternative accommodation and said if I didn't find any he'd find a bed for me for the night.


Me in my hammock


My back garden

I was very fortunate in finding a small bungalow immediately (5 metres) behind the resort at a bargain price. I have a decent sized room with double bed, wardrobe, T.V. , fan and fly screened windows. The large bathroom unfortunately only has cold water but I can live with that. Out the back door there is a small balcony where i can cook if I wish (I'm waiting for the promised picnic stove, although I've just remembered I did bring my own :-). At the front I have a large balcony with a hammock in which I'm lying now writing this.

Until the next time......


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Jan 31, 2008
hi peter hope you reach your peace
by: Anonymous

hi peter it seems you are making such a good statement for your journey of mystic

hope you reach your peace in soon

sometimes come to face book in turkey it is insane

i m planning to choose a course between web-design or microsoft engineering

and my house sold in istanbul i will come back t.reis summer cos mother reaches her peace there
but i wont advice you business in t. reis cos so much business lost
hope you welll in keep in touch
best regards and keep your health good cos you know east not so cleaan

Jan 07, 2008
your travels
by: ann jarvis

I've at last managed to find everyones comments at the end of your last write-up. I think its wonderful that you are meeting up with so many new friends. And how it leads to so many different interests for you to pursue. You are certainly lucky to have found such a lovely little bungalow that has sufficient for your needs. U always did like hammocks. And it looks a very exotic garden. Well today i had cousin Joans daughter Penny over from Australia with husband Jim and Peg. mother in law. We had a wonderful day reminiscing. I showed them the DVD of the family that u made and they showed me theirs. They asked to see round the house ans garden because Joan had said how she loved the setting and also my garden. But alas the garden is pretty bleak in winter. They have your blog and will be contacting u. I've sent u an e-mail be happy and carry on enjoying your new life. Hope the yoga and meditating are giving u peace and happiness. love Mum

Jan 05, 2008
Missing You!!!!
by: 2e and Rich

Hey daddy-o
Your Bungalow looks beautiful!!!!!
You are so so lucky. One day when you are settled and stay in one place, We will poss (if you settle somewhere nice....and our children are at the right age) will look into joining you!! We think you wold make a lovely role model for your grandchildren!!!
We know more than you realise about Reiki....... (Its an Energy that is supposed to be all around us)
Also it is supposed to heal on every level... phisical, mental,emotional....even long term ilnesses (so some belive)

we looked alitle into it. I beleive it can help relax and relive pain...to a certain degree...i dont think it should ever REPLACE the advise of a hospital or doctor (as well as is good though) for a more serious illness...

Shocked??? We are very Proud of you..... We tease you only because thats what families do!!!! And you haven't always been a Hippy so its rather funny and odd to see ha ha.For everyone that reads these blogs and knows my dad, he used to be very very different.....

Picture this.. I would come home afer falling and hurting my knee.
Me : "OUCH dad my knee really really hurts"
Dad: " Does it???"
He would at that point Kick my other knee (not too hard just enough to sting)
I would clutch that knee
He would look at me and smile
Dad : " There you go, i made you forget about your other knee didn't i"

mmmmm dont you think you would tease slightly after his old methods of healing ha ha.

Dad you are a crazy old thing.... We are so so happy for you.... Your hammock looks so so so much nicer than that old one we used to have in our garden!!!!
Missing you soooooooooooooo much you cheeky daughter 2e xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and cheeky son in law Rich xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PPs you never have beaten me at Brag!!!!

Jan 05, 2008
Lush life!
by: Anonymous

Hi Pete,
Happy New Year! The pictures of the hammock surroundings and garden look lush! The cost of living bit reminded me once again why I am living in Turkey.

Jan 05, 2008
Lucky in Life?
by: David M

You are a lucky guy Pete - enjoy

Jan 05, 2008
rock on!
by: AJ

seems that all is just as it should be, my friend. keep doing what you're doing... looks good from here... ;)

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