Living in Lapu-Lapu City Mactan Philippines

by Charles Harman
(Philippines )

I moved to the Philippines originally back in April of 2004 and built my fiance' a nice home in Bogo which is now for sale. We moved to Texas two years later as Marianne wanted to travel for a while leaving the house to her parents. We remained in Texas for four years where we took several road trips, then back to the Philippines February of 2010 for a permanent move to Cebu Philippines. The nice thing about the Philippines is that English is taught in all grades of school from elementary all the way to college, so it is spoken by just about everyone including the kids. The street signs are in English and nearly all textbooks are also except for some of the very early school years. I spent a year in Thailand in the Military (1970) and liked it there, but had to learn the language to get by, you don't in the Philippines. I married a girl from Negros Occidental who had moved to Cebu City as a child, actually met her online chatting, but later found out she was new to chatting and it was being done in her family business which is still in operation today. I have taken her from near poverty to several levels higher in the social ladder than she was originally, now she is in college and will come out a Pharmacist and a Medical Doctor in Pediatrics. At the time she had several boyfriends but gave them all up to me. And to prove it she had me come in and chat with them, which i did with mixed reactions. One guy was very foul mouthed and I told Marianne, good thing you didn't settle on him. The other guys were OK and some have stayed in contact even though we are married now. I married Marianne in September of 2004 in Bogo, Cebu Philippines. We now have 3 children ages 6, 4 and 1. My business here is Information Systems (IT) and I have several packages available including Web Site and Blog design. It is important now that we all need a way to make money directly in the Philippines as things are rapidly changing in the US and money may soon dry up. Pleas take a look at all our photos on this website: and my other website is: the IT business.

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Jan 23, 2014
Lapulapu city
by: Lyn

Your post were inspiring to me, I have been living in the states for many years with my husband from Washington state and we're fine here but moving to Cebu is really what I wanted to do, I missed the warm climate and the sea in Cebu and till now we're still talking/planning about this, I understand my husband's feelings of being nervous, doubts and maybe afraid? We can't take all of our belongings to the Philippines, I am also worried that the customs might be limiting us what we can take with us in Cebu and wonder if renting a personal storage would be a good idea or not. We might still want to come back to the states like spending a year in Cebu and some months in the states.

Oct 07, 2013
Living on Mactan Lapu Lapu
by: Bob

Hi Richard, I enjoyed reading how you met your pretty Filipina wife and that you moved back to Cebu!
I have been here now for just 3 weeks and I was supposed to return to Seattle yesterday but I didn't get on the plane as I love my girlfriend here and now we are living together in Lapu.
Its probably unwise that I stayed as I have no skills to transfer to here. In the states I was a truck driver (owner operator) and I drove regionally around Washington state mostly.
But here in Phil drivers are receiving extremely low pay and no respect compared to the states.
I have very limited funds but my girlfriend and me will try to open a carenderia on General Aviation road. Its a excellent location but the building and grounds will need some cosmetic work. Well I hope it works out for us and if you come over to Mactan look us up we will be near the corner of Basak road and Aviation road.

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