LOTS of healing at The Sanctuary

by Star
(Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico)

The Sanctuary Altar

The Sanctuary Altar

I can't say how long I have been here at the Sanctuary.. as the days all melt into one big train of love... although some definitely have there challenges. I am so grateful to have found this place.. the intention, vision and love held here is so genuine and pure.. I felt a deep resonance since the day I stepped in.

I was quite ungrounded before my arrival at the Sanctuary. After my own process of awakening and transforming.. I began to find it harder and harder to connect to those in my community. Being young, I still craved guidance along my spiritual journey.. and although I found it in some.. I felt as though I needed to experience living in a community with spiritual foundations as their principle.. recognizing the relationship of physical and spiritual health to our overall well being. I knew that I was neglecting to take the time to really practice self love, and avoiding the mental barriers that 'limited' me to do so. My point is... I needed support. The Sanctuary has provided me with just that. Its main focus is to provide this conducive.. open.. healing space where individuals are given tools and structure in order to deepen their spiritual practice.. and return to treating our bodies with love and respect.. nurturing our true essence and nature.

Since being here.. lots of habits have dissipated and I feel so much lighter and connected. My week of juice fasting brought me a lot closer to my spirit. At times, I really had to sit with the blockages my mind had created.. and learn to let go of my mental attachments to the past. I felt so beautifully supported in all these experiences.. always having a shoulder to cry on or space to process. I have set the intention to do a juice cleanse of 4-7 days once a month here as the process of cleansing out and lightening my physical body helped me so much more to perceive my energetic body.. although sometimes difficult.. the process taught me a lot about self discipline and to let go of my mind's attempts to escape the moment.. and taught me more about sinking into the heart's natural state of being.

The Sanctuary itself seems to be in a somewhat 'gestation' period. The structure is well there- which is absolutely what my spirit needed - with scheduled times for meditation, sun gazing, yoga, heart sharing, lectures, etc. Yet, the creative, feminine aspects of dance, music, ritual, etc. are currently molding into play. Pete and Doris are making plans to move into a bigger space very soon, maybe even this week!!, where such creative aspects can flow into motion. I am getting very excited about expressing myself freely through art and craft.. getting the opportunity to really reflect the loving and healing energy provided in this space.. and of course to be part of the process of bringing in more divine feminine energy..! <3

That is about it for the update.. soon more volunteers and guests are expected to be arriving.. so for now it is nice to hold space and channel in ideas and visions for this beautiful healing retreat center.

Much love and gratitude! ... Star <3

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Feb 03, 2013
Great share
by: Geoff

Star: I enjoyed that. I love this idea that volunteers are sharing the blog. Keep up the good work and may the art and dance come soon more and more.

Feb 02, 2013
by: pete, of the adams family

It is wonderful to have you stay with us here Star, helping us to build and grow our community.

Much gratitude..


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