meditation poses, April 30th 2012

by pete, of the adams family
(Mazunte, Oaxaca)

Namaste. Welcome to my meditation poses blog post. You can find some great information and pictures of basic meditation poses here. Please read on though for some more information about meditation and the Gardens of Eden Communities. i intend that you are inspired to join me in co-creating peace on earth :-)

meditation-poses-vajrasanaIt has now been one week since i finished the Hridaya ten day silent meditation retreat in Mazunte, Mexico. Since then i have continued to meditate at least two hours every day and practice hatha yoga, both taking Hridaya Yoga classes and practicing on my own.

i am feeling subtle energies (beyond the physical body) which i do not remember feeling before. Of course i have felt them before, probably mostly when i was a young child, before energy channels started to become blocked through physical and emotional traumas and mental conditioning.

The more i realise how important it is to stay present, in the now, the more i realise how little of the time i am in a present and connected state of awareness. i understand that the more i am in these connected states of stillness, this awareness of the present moment, this place of unity consciousness, the more intuition comes through me which makes the vision become more clear. Also, the clearer it becomes, the more in tune i become with the vision and the the more synchronicities i notice, which makes the vision even clearer attracting to me the people and opportunities needed for its materialisation. i am however definitely being present much more than before and know that by consistently practicing yoga and meditation this will continue.

meditation poses - meditation poses - meditation poses

spiritual meditation
spiritual-meditationSo, an update about my (our) vision:
i see a network of self-sustainable living and healing communities set up as a non-profit organisation. The network will be named Gardens of Eden. Each community in the network will be a separate cost center within the umbrella organisation. Each community will have a Healing Center which will offer healing services to the public for helping visitors to heal themselves of all dis-ease. Hridaya meditation and yoga will be practiced by members and also offered to the public. We will grow our own biogenic (life giving) food probably using Hydroponics.

meditation techniques
meditation-techniquesWe will use an internal method of exchange, a "virtual" currency with no physical representation. i have named this CAMBIO. Anyone wishing to put physical resources into the non-profit community/s can either do this as a gift, a loan or in exchange for Cambios. Cambios can be used to buy "luxury" goods or services within the communities (basic food and acommodation is provided for living members at no cost) and in some circumstances Cambio will be able to be exchanged back into physical money. Goods and services offered by the Gardens of Eden are likely to include Gardens of Eden branded Yoga / Meditation range of accesories and clothing, natural foods, MMS, Essential Oils, Massages, Yoga Classes, Meditation retreats, Healing services and much more.
meditation poses - meditation poses - meditation poses

meditation for beginners
meditation-for-beginnersAs inspired ideas flood to me whilst i am sitting in different meditation poses (i know, i shouldn't be thinking :-) and at many other times during the day, i feel more and more certain that an abundance will be created in the first community. This will enable us to ensure we can share healing even with those who do not have money to pay. It will also produce enough resources for expansion of the first community and to enable starting a second and more communities.

meditation room design
meditation-room-designNext week, on Tuesday i will go to Amatlan, near Tepoztlan (Mexico) to view what i am feeling is very likely to be the first Garden of Eden Community. From how it has been described to me it has virtually everything we need already in place for an almost immediate start. All we need is to come up with a fair agreement with the land-owner who wants the site to be a healing center! i will also then go to Sayulita, close to Puerto Vallarta to look at another potential site. i am also feeling good energy for this. On Monday 7th May i will join an MMS training seminar in Puerto Vallarta. Following succesful completion of an examination i will then be a Minister of MMS.

meditation poses - meditation poses

different types of meditation
different-types-of-meditationAfter the MMS training i will return to Hridaya Yoga in Mazunte (probably accompanied by my friend Ayla) and will do another silent meditation retreat, this time for seventeen days. i think i will probably fast during this retreat, thus creating a void for more subtle energies to flow in.

My intention is then to open the first Garden of Eden community, in early June, probably in Amatlan which is approximately one hour south west of Mexico City. It is looking very likely that Agama Yoga teacher Alejandra, Hridaya teacher Lakshman and Ayla will all be part of the initial core team. We also have several volunteers with appropriate experience waiting to come.

So, all is looking rosy in the Garden of Eden :-)

To find out more about the Gardens of Eden, visit A Plan for Peace

Peace and Love

ps. PLEASE make comments below, especially if you have taken part in a Hridaya retreat, telling us about your experience. Doing so will help this page get to the top of the search engines and therefore share these wonderful teachings from Hridaya with more people.

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