Meditation Retreat & Healing Community, May 17th 2012

by pete, of the adams family
(Mazunte, Oaxaca)

Meditation Retreat & Healing Community

Meditation Retreat & Healing Community

Tomorrow morning i go into a seventeen day silent meditation retreat, which finishes on 3rd June.

After that my intention is to head to Amatlan to open the first Garden of Eden Meditation Retreat & Healing Community, subject to final negotiation for the premises. More details at the links on my A Plan for Peace page

If you would like to come as a patient to be helped to heal yourself, or if you would like come to help for teaching yoga / meditation, or other help such as raw food preparation, helping in the healing centre, gardens, or in any other way, please complete the form on the Volunteer work page (see link in left column) or e-mail gardenofeden (at)

In particular i would welcome applications from Agama & Hridaya teachers, biological dentist, those trained in colonics, doctors and nurses (open to or already knowledgeable of natural healing methods).

Please put "Garden of Eden" in subject line as i will check these messages and e-mails 1st and get back to you hopefully around 5th of June.

Peace & Love
Minister of Health
Genesis II Church of Health & Healing :-)

ps. Please share this page with everyone you know, by e-mail, facebook, twitter, word of mouth etc. Let's heal the world together :-)

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Jan 18, 2013
meditation retreat healing community, The Sanctuary.
by: pete, of the adams family

UPDATE Jan 12th 2013.

In November 2012 I opened The Sanctuary, a healing retreat community in Puerto Escondido Mexico.

The intention of The Sanctuary is many-fold. It is to a be a vehicle for healing, learning and communion. A place with a peaceful, calm ambiance which helps provide a space to "go within".

For more information click here: The Sanctuary

Sep 02, 2012
Latest location Update
by: Yogi Sinzapatos

Namaste amigos

i am currently seeking premises for the community in or around Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca.

Paz y Amor

Jun 09, 2012
Update on healing centre location
by: pete, of the adams family

The landowner of the site in Amatlan has changed her mind and decided not to rent the premises at this time.

It looks to be a blessing in disguise, as bigger and better things are manifesting in Puerto Escondido.

i believe in miracles :-)

More soon.....

May all beings be in peace.

May 21, 2012
by: Jack

Meditation helps to improve your quality of life and treat various psychological issues related to anger and stress management. Listen to Podcast of Dr. Robert Puff, Licensed Clinical Psychologist to improve these issues.

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