Oaxaca Mexico

by Pete
(Mazunte, Mexico)

Well, here I am in Mexico. As I write this it is Christmas Eve evening. Most of today I have been meditating & doing Hatha Yoga. But I also went swimming & sat on the beach in the sun for a while!

So, to catch up on the last three weeks since I left Turkey, here are some pictures for you. The first one is a couple of weeks before I left, taken at my apartment (well, the one I rented) in Turgutreis, with a few good friends.



I arrived in Mexico City on the 3rd of December & spent a few days there with Geoff & Maribel, preparing a few things for the Yoga school. I didn't take many pictures, but here is one of them



This is a monument built to commemorate Mexico's independence from Spain in 1910.

From Mexico City I moved on to Oaxaca City. I stayed with a couple of couchsurfers, Krystl and Amy who are living in Oaxaca. Here is Krystl serenading me on my first night :-)


Krystl in Oaxaca

The next day I started Spanish lessons at Solexico, a school in Oaxaca. I found the school and teachers to be very professional, so if you fancy learning Spanish where it is spoken, this would be a great place to come. If you do, why not come & learn some yoga too :-). After class I took a walk around Oaxaca & took a few pictures including some of the street art / graffiti.


Mexico graffiti


Oaxaca street art

The next two pictures are actually one. The first is the left, the second the right half. The object being thrown is a petrol bomb!


Oaxaca politics


Oaxaca art




Oaxaca Graffiti

Whilst walking to school one day I walked past a wedding parade.


Oaxaca Wedding Parade


Oaxaca wedding dancing

Friday was my last day at Spanish school so I took a couple of pictures of my classmates & teachers.


Learning Spanish in Oaxaca

From left to right - Andreas from Germany, Me, Miguel (one of my teachers) and Christian from Switzerland.


Me & my favourite teacher Arianna

Arianna is also learning to be a Yoga Teacher, but I gave her a couple of lessons :-)

My last picture in Oaxaca is of a Christmas party for children held at an organisation called Oaxaca Street Children - Grassroots. They are doing a great job helping out mainly with health & education issues with the poverty stricken kids in Oaxaca state. Please visit their website & make a donation if you are able.

Oaxaca street kids Christmas Party

On Saturday, I finally arrived at the Yoga school in Mazunte. You will see lots of pictures in the next couple of months, but here are a couple to be getting on with.



A view of the beach taken from the Yoga hall.

And finally, a picture I took on the beach today:



One last thing - I also make some mini-blog posts on the Weblog Page on this site, so don't forget to check it out so you don't miss some more great pictures etc.

Have a great Christmas


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Dec 30, 2008
mums report and e mail in one xx
by: Anonymous

Hi peter. Like your friend says u have come a long way from Norwich days. It is lovely to see you enjoying life in the way u prefer. You certainly meet some lovely people, many of whom become good friends. Glad u enjoyed your Christmas. We did too. Nana Edie Mary and Peter stayed until Sat. pm and Touran and Richard were here for midday for about 4 hours. I stayed with her last night as Richard was in London. Good Luck and happiness in the new year 2009. I continue to look on Skype for u when im at home. By the way we spoke to Kebba on Saturday and it was so clear Mum could hear from her armchair across the room. I hav e never had such a clear Skype conversation with him or you. I live in hope that will will get a clear one with nlo echo next time. The girls come round later for cArds but ill leave the computor on in case u ring.love mum.

Dec 27, 2008
by: Kate Walsh

Hi Pete
I had forgotten I was still on your mailing list...I have caught up with all your adventures and it has made fascinating reading. I am really amazed and moved by the personal progress you have clearly made and also really impressed with the wonderful journey (both physical and metaphysical) that you seem to be on.
What an incredible transformation from the Finance Director at Freight Force into what seems to be the "Pete" you were needing to be.
It is so encouraging to see someone pursuing their dreams in the way that you seem to be and I look forward to seeing where your next steps take you.
All the best and Happy New Year
x Kate

Dec 26, 2008
Miss u
by: Touran

Lovely photos, nice to c what you r getting up too. Hope you had a lovely Xmas .... Miss you heaps 2e and Rich x

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