Peace - Yogi Sinzapatos

by Yogi Sinzapatos
(Ashland, Oregon, USA)

Buzz for Bliss on May Day

Buzz for Bliss on May Day


I buzzed my hair to help co-create peace on earth.

Buzz for Bliss is part of a plan to encourage people to join together in physical groups (heart or intention circles). There are already many thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of such groups in existence.

The plan is to encourage as many of these groups as possible to join together, so that every day there will be millions around the world meeting & meditating with the same intention. Then, less frequently, perhaps monthly, all of these groups, perhaps in time even a billion people, will all be meditating at the same time.

Synchronised meditations are proven to affect consciousness. When we get to this scale and reach a critical mass, the old ways will fall away and be replaced by a grand new world for us to live in.

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Peace & Love
(Yogi Sinzapatos)

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