#peaceplan 2011 Nov 19: angel dreams

by angel

I awoke early this morning with the beautiful sunrise, excited to see the beauty while thoughts of love filled me. Thoughts of what the note said and the memories it brought. Of happy times when my heart was full of laughter and dreams. Wanting desperately to begin writing my story.


As the moon shone brightly overhead and the stars filled the night sky last night, thoughts wandering to the timing of it all. To my promise to return to Tulum , to the dream of walking through the mangroves, to writing the love story everyone I had met had requested me to write.

Excited to finally have direction, well at least a place to start from. Loving the beginning of my entry into the bubble. I looked into his eyes and saw the reflection of the world, my world. Guidance through the unknown by nothing more than faith. Faith that over the next fourteen days my dreams would start to take shape.

If you don´t have a dream, and i don´t have a dream, then how we gonna make a dream come true?


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