#peaceplan 2011 Nov 19: Comment

by Kathleen


There are those of us who are encouraged by the example of others and are further energized by documentaries with substance. Being discouraged with mainstream t.v.'s violence, sales hype, skin and nonsense... connecting on the internet has become my way of filling that void. Although the internet is filled with opinions (we all have them), one can filter through (as we do in our daily lives) for what rings true for our higher selves. We can also become engrossed in photos, overwhelmed with ideas and sayings but searching within our hearts for what gives lasting meaning provides glimpses of our divine purpose.

For me (being all over the page, as my college professors used to say "your thesis?") narrowing my concerns for the increasing crisis and well being of our planet and ourselves is daunting. I do not believe that I am special in recognizing the challenges we have faced going from agriculture, to industry, to information in a short period of 200 hundred years, but life cannot sustain itself without acting responsibly with the knowledge we have gained.

Environmentally, economically and socially we have become like mushroom. We are kept in the dark and fed bs. The truth about our behaviors effecting ourselves and the earth is my greatest passion, as it is with others, despite attempts to mask the truths. Our technologies have super-ceded our basic sacred beliefs. Our enlightenment requires us to look within ourselves and ask "What breaks my heart the most?", and then do what we can about it - from where we are - with what we have. I choose to be part of the solution instead of the problem, and the change begins with me.

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