Personal Power Retreat

A Personal Power Retreat led by Elise Krentzel
June 3rd to June 6th 2013 (4 days and nights)


This four day Personal Power Retreat is being held at the beautiful setting of The Sanctuary, a Healing Retreat Center in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, in the South of Mexico. $100, 1 hour flights are available daily from Mexico City.

The core LifeGPS© teachings of this self-empowerment vacation are presented by Elise Krentzel. Click here to learn more about Elise .

These insightful teachings presented through Elise's unique LifeGPS© system guide the participants through a potent three-fold journey, from body to heart to mind. Through this process, the seeds and self-wisdom for necessary changes and growth are thus able to occur.

During your stay in a beautiful private house set in the peaceful and healing gardens of The Sanctuary, Elise will guide you through the nine sessions of the Life GPS system as you build what she calls, your ‘Navigation Toolkit for Ultimate Well Being.’ We feel very honored to be able to host Elise in our retreat center.

The Sanctuary Front Entrance
self-empowerment communal-living-space

The Sanctuary, a Retreat Centre for Holistic Healing provides a wonderful setting to complement the Personal Power Retreat. The main entrance (shown above left) leads from the front garden into a large communul living area (above right) where some of the classes will take place.

This four day Personal Power Retreat offers you the flexibility of choosing to either attend exclusively the Life GPS System morning classes, or to immerse yourself in the complete Sanctuary Healing Schedule which includes early morning Meditation and Yoga, afternoon and evening audio/video teachings as well as two additional mini-workshops offered especially for participants of the Personal Power Retreat.

The LifeGPS Workshop

Distinguish the Basics: Food, Air & Water for Balance

Understand the Foundation of Your Life by Where you Live

Session 3 - ROCK YOUR BODY
Meditation & the Art of Body Mapping

Strengthen Your Resolve to Accept All Sides of Yourself

Uncover then Overturn Emotional Patterns That Hinder Your Growth


Rewire Your Neurological Pathways and Cellular Structure to Move from Fear into Positive Action

Develop Skills to Shift Out of Negative Thinking Patterns that No Longer Serve You

Experiment with Sound, Acting, Movement & Color to Accelerate Your Hidden Abilities

Tap Your Innate Creativity to Generate Successful Integration of Your Inner Riches

Below is the full four day schedule:

Note:Although we highly recommend following the full schedule, there is no obligation to do so. The meditation, Yoga, additional teachings and all meals are all included in the full cost and will complement and enhance the Life GPS teachings. Please feel free to attend as little or as much as possible and definitely enjoy the wonderful Mexican Pacific Ocean in your free time.

The Sanctuary Schedule
  • 0615-0815 Meditation, light stretching, light pranayama breathing and sun gazing, followed by Hatha Yoga class
  • 0830 Light Breakfast
  • 0900 - 1230 Life GPS Workshop with Elise
  • 1230-1315 Lunch. The main and most substantial meal of the day, with a lighter dinner being served in the early evening.
  • 1315-1730 For two of the afternoons, special mini workshops will be offered on Raw and Live Food preparation along with The Sanctuary Healing Protocols. These will be offered by the founders of The Sanctuary.
  • healthy-vegan-food
  • 1730 A light Dinner and watching the sun set either from the palapa or from the beach 5 minutes walk away.
  • 1930 - 2100 Special evening activities which may include chanting, Tibetan singing bowl work, heart chat, audio lectures, etc.
  • 2100 - 2130 Sitting Meditation practice for 3 days of the week (currently Monday, Wednesday and Friday).
  • 2200 Silence and Sleep

  • Yoga-Puerto-Escondido
    The Sanctuary Rooftop Palapa Yoga Space

    Bonus Mini-Workshops for Personal Power Retreat Participants
    Additional Teaching:
    ‘Core Natural Healing Protocol,”
    presented by Pete Adams, joint founder of The Sanctuary. Pete will present a summary of the core natural healing protocol in use at The Sanctuary, the reasons behind and how these healing techniques work. This additional knowledge will help you make better decisions with your choices of food and health care in the future.

    Pete Adams has been involved in and studying alternative health, hatha yoga, dabbling in the new age voices for motivation and is especially drawn to the vision of non-duality as expressed through teachers such as Ramana Maharshi and Rumi, and more contemporary people like Sahajananda of Hridaya Yoga and Paul Lowe. It is his sincere hope to help people in their healing and growing process and can mainly contribute his knowledge and tools regarding different modalities including MMS, liquid diets, FIR Sauna, energy filled foods, enema use and many others.

    raw-food-preparation-workshopAdditional teaching, “Raw Food Preparation,” will be taught by Doris Rohm, joint founder of The Sanctuary. The emphasis will be on preparation of live foods.

    Before settling in Puerto Escondido with Pete, Doris Rohm had been travelling the world for over 10 years, immersing herself in some of the exceptional retreat centers around the globe for long term volunteer stays. She especially is drawn to and has experience in mantra chanting, raw food preparation, dance, gardening and energy healing. She often breaks out in song.

    The Accomodation
    healing-dormitory sanctuary-dormitory
    The Sanctuary offers affordable prices as standard by usually providing camping or shared room accomomodation. This retreat is priced for shared room sleeping.

    Alternatively you may choose (subject to availability) to upgrade to a private bedroom, either in The Sanctuary house or at a beautiful exclusive hotel just 300 metres walk down the street. Casa Mar are offering a special discount for Personal Power Retreat Participants.

    Healing Food
    vegan-foodIncluded in the price of the retreat are three healthy meals per day. All food prepared is vegan, and will usually consist of a breakfast of fruit or oatmeal, a more substantial lunch, perhaps a fresh salad followed by whole grain rice with steamed vegetables. You will be served a lighter dinner which might consist of a vegetable soup with home-made whole-grain bread, or a vegetable casserole. The meals will be varied and delicious. You will also be offered some healing drinks such as aloe-vera juice with freshly squeezed orange and stevia, or healing teas such as chamomile and ginger.

    Investment Required
    To summarise, this is what is included:

  • Four nights accommodation in shared bedrooms at The Sanctuary Healing Retreat Center.
  • Three vegan meals each day along with some light snacks and healing drinks.
  • The entire LifeGPS workshop and Elise's LifeGPS book.
  • Full access to The Sanctuary Healing Schedule of Meditation, Yoga, Healing Protocols and Teachings.
  • Bonus mini-workshop 1; Natural Healing Techniques.
  • Bonus mini-workshop 2; Raw Food Preparation.
  • Final Day Field Trip

  • Total Cost US$1,499

    We are offering an early bird discount of US $300 if payment is made by 15th April. We intend to limit this early-bird offer to the first four bookings, so please book now to guarantee your US$300 discount.

    Early Bird price by 15th April US$1199

    Special offer for Residents of Puerto Escondido.
    If you are a local resident not requiring accommodation, we are pleased to offer a further discount of US $200 (Note: Breakfast and Dinner is excluded).

    Maximum Four Local Participants at this price.


    Additional Options
    Sanctuary master bedroom

  • Additional Nights, either before or after workshop
    (shared accommodation with food) + US$40 per night

  • Upgrade to Private Room in The Sanctuary with shared bathroom
    (4 nights - Maximum 2 rooms available) + US$200

  • Upgrade to En-Suite Private Master Bedroom in The Sanctuary
    (4 nights - Only 1 room available) + US$360

  • Meditation Retreat. We plan to offer a Three Day Meditation & Yoga Retreat either before or after the Personal Power Retreat for an additional cost of US$240 (Including all food and shared accommodation.) Please enquire to confirm dates and space.
  • meditation-bench

    Total Cost US$1,499

    Early Bird price by 15th April US$1199

    If you have any questions, or wish to Buy with Additional Options, please send a message via The Sanctuary Facebook Page. We will respond usually within a few hours and if appropriate will send you a Paypal invoice including any additional options you have requested.