Sahaja Agnisara Dhauti

by Lee Persson
(Koh Phangan, Thailand)

Sahaja Agnisara Dhauti - Agama Yoga, Day 3, Thailand

Sahaja Agnisara Dhauti is an abdominal massage hatha yoga pose that makes the waist slim, increases digestive fire and expels excess fat from the belly.
Strong relieving effect due the burning of psychic stresses, gathered on the level of manipura chakra.

Just what I need. And it's a purification!
It felt kind of weird to do it, and to have long fingernails like me, isn't the best.
Since I got big marks from my nails next to my navel now. HAHA.

Another thing we did today, was the "Salutation to the sun"
We also said things after every thing we did.
For exemple: Namaste pose, we say AUM MITRAYA NAMAH.
And there are 12 poses during one exercise.
THAT was funny. Since everyone said it wrong, had to low voice etc.
I mumbled mostly because I had noooo idea what we were saying.
And to remember it while you are doing other exercises, isn't my best.
Since I hardly know whats left or right.
Aaaaand I have to focus on it in English as well... GAH!

I had alot of energy today.
So much engergy that I had a hard time to sit down.
Unfocus? YES! I wanted so jog 3449353535 miles.
At least I got my energy back anyway, and that's good :)

Yesterday we talked about Kriya Yoga.
Which is cleansing as well.
Scrape your tongue with a tongue scrape!
Sea salt on your finger, brush gently the teeth, on gum, inner surface, under tongue etc. Spit!
Rinse your nostril with warm water mixed with salt. Use a "neti-can" for this, or with your hand. This is good for clearing your mind, head and nose. Spit, do not swallow!
Wash your eyeballs with cold water.

You should do this every morning right after getting up from bed!Now it's time for bed, that's it for my Yoga update today.


Below is an extract from day 3 of the course notes given to students taking the Agama Yoga First Level Intensive Course:

Sahaja Agnisara Dhauti

In Sanskrit sahaja means ‘natural’, agni means ‘fire’, sara means ‘essence’, and dhauti means ‘cleansing’ or ‘washing’.
Therefore this method could be called ‘the natural cleansing by the means of the subtle fire essence’.

This abdominal exercise helps healthy blood and air to flow down into the abdomen. Together with the deep internal massage and the strong subtle energising of manipura cakra, this fact entails the spectacular healing of a wide range of abdominal diseases. Among these are firstly dysentery, indigestion and diarrhoea.

Sahja agnisara dhaute also has proved to be a primary and valuable treatment for cholera. Once mastered this technique is also a sure preventive against the above mentioned diseases in case of epidemics.

This technique is not found in ancient Yogic texts as it was revealed by the Yoga masters only recently.

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