Still in Thailand - No Smoking Yoga Teacher?

by Pete Adams
(Kho Phangan, Thailand)

"Peace springs from love and war springs from fear, and love is always stronger than fear"

The last month has flown by as I've been very busy. After the 1st day of the yoga course, I decided that I liked it so much that I wanted to join the teacher training program that started at the same time. As it happened one person had just canceled so there was a space for me.

So, now I'm here for 3 months instead of one & I've just completed the 1st month and it's been great. The Yoga Asana's (that's the physical stuff) can be quite difficult for me as I'm very inflexible, but I'm coping with most of them o.k. and can finally touch my toes :-)

There is a lot more to Yoga however than the Asana's. I am learning soooo much!

Anyway, it's time for some pictures. Firstly, here is one I just found of my good friend Sam (Alias Jones) & I, taken just before I left Turkey.


Sam and Pete


Alf and Alka

I mentioned Alka in my last post and as I suspected, she decided to stay and complete the first month course. About 3 weeks ago she invited a few people round for dinner and we enjoyed an excellent Indian meal.

Alf is a photo-journalist from Norway and has a great sense of humour. He's gone to Malaysia this week but I'm pretty sure he'll be back.


Dean and Carl

Dean & Carl are twins & both have a wicked sense of humour.



"A picture is worth a thousand words"

The next four pictures were taken one evening over dinner, after a lecture which included thinking about your own death. It sounds morbid, but in fact was very interesting.


Christiana & Tammy (A Conversation about death)

Christiana is also doing the teacher training course & lives in Switzerland. Tammy is from Canada, and amongst other things is a rock climbing guide.



George had ear-ache hence the turban. Great picture though.



Lizzy is from Australia & attuned me to Reiki 2 a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately she's just left for Chaing Mae.



Mads (pronounced "Mess") is from Denmark. He just dropped in on the first day of the course and we've been hanging out. He's staying for the second month too.

A few days ago I went for another Indian meal.


Denzyl & George

Denzyl (Huggy) is from Canada, as is George. They are both doing the Teacher Training course. George seems to get in all the pictures. I think he must be hungry for fame :-) I'm going to be giving Denzyl some Tavla lessons over the next two months.



Chandra is from Bengalore, also doing Teacher Training. I don't know the girl on the right.


Yens (left), Sarah (right)

Yens in from Germany. I've forgotten the name of the girl in the middle.

And finally, another sunset on the way home.


ํYet Another Sunset

Well, thats about it. I'm going to posting a lot less frequently over the next couple of months, as we have a very busy schedule.

Oh, I nearly forgot, I gave up smoking just over 4 weeks ago. It's the Yogi way !

Memento Mori .........

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Feb 04, 2008
It's good start...
by: Anonymous

Glad to hear from you.

Starting with everything that is interesting.
Learning Yogi way is an inner journey.
Finally, again your life will change.

Note: And you have already done well with quit smoking!!!!
Live life healthy.

Feb 04, 2008
Young and healthly
by: Turgutreis Jim

Everybody looks to young, healthly and vital. It makes me feel old and fat! Time to get back into vitality!. It look like Umit and I are splitting up, unless things change. Oh well, the current of life takes you over a few rocks sometimes.
Be well.

Feb 04, 2008
maunge tue
by: DG

Looks and sounds like your having a great and interesting time !!
Am single again and feeling better for it .........
No red sky at night ...... for you then !!
Keep in touch and don't go around shouting too load that you can touch your toes now !!! ............ you never know who's listening !!

Take care !!


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