Testimony of Jamaican woman healed of stage 4 lymphatic cancer using the soursop leaves

by crazyjamaica

Diagnosed with lymphatic cancer (Hodgkin’s lymphoma) in late 2002, Yvonne went through an agonising period of chemotherapy which twisted and wracked her being with pain and nausea, in its efforts to kill the cancer cells. It was killing her instead, and so she planned her own funeral. But Ray was determined that the woman he loves was not going to leave him, and he nursed her back to good health. By December 2004, it seemed that Yvonne was cancer-free.

The cancer returned between December 2008 and March 2009. Yvonne got ill again, and the dreaded chemotheraphy was suggested. Around the same time, Ray got an email about the cancer-curing properties of the soursop tree. He did some further research, and was mesmerised by what he read. Not having any empirical evidence, he set out to make the leaves and bark of the soursop tree into a concoction that would kill Yvonne’s cancer cells.
After much encouragement from Ray, Yvonne drank the potion. She got sicker initially, and refused to drink any more, but Ray urged her on. After a month of being on the dose, Yvonne’s health improve tremendously. Tests in September 2009 to determine when chemo-therapy would commence showed that the movement of the cancer cells had stopped. Amazingly! More tests were done, and up to Monday, January 18, 2010, when The Gleaner reported that ‘Raymond Kirlew ‘cures’ wife cancer with soursop leaves’, Yvonne, who gets tested regularly, but had no cancer.
There were many sceptics, some of whom said it was a matter of time before the cancer cells return. Some readers even questioned Ray’s wisdom, or lack thereof, for administering the soursop concoctions to his wife, despite the fact that he is not a medical doctor. But now, Ray is saying since the story broke, many people, including medical doctors themselves, have contacted him seeking advice on how to prepare the potion.
“Everyone who has called me regarding this soursop treatment, I have never ever asked for a penny, nor have I got a penny, and was not expecting any. I know for a fact that this thing has saved my wife, and whosoever wants to know how to make it, I would be happy to give them that information,” Ray said.

The soursop an amazing herb grown wild in Jamaica is 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy and only attacks the bad cells.It helps infections in the body which promotes illness and cancers. http://crazyjamaica.com/?p=1475

Editors Note.
i have not researched soursop, but am sure it is a valuable addition to natural cancer treatments. However, i would very strongly encourage anyone with disease to use it only as A PART of a complete protocol for healing. Please visit my Natural Way to Cure Cancer page to help with finding the best solution for your particular case.

Thanks for you input CrazyJamaica.

Peace & Love

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