Tubing and Rockclimbing in Laos

by Pete Adams
(Vang Vieng, Laos, Wednesday 12th December)

Honesty is the key to your subconcious thoughts<

Yesterday I went tubing.
Tubing: sitting inside a truck innertube floating down the river at a gentle pace.


It doesn't sound all that much fun, but throw in a few rapids,stunning scenery and several makeshift bars with rope swings en-route and it adds up to a good time.


I went with a few guys from the guest house and met up with Dan and Alice on the way.


Pete, Alice & Dan

One place we stopped at had a volleyball court so a group of us had a game. I've been waiting for an opportunity to play since I was in Jamaica a couple of years age, so this was a bonus for the day :-)


On the final 45 minute stretch after all the bars, we hooked up with a couple of American girls and two Australian guys. We all ended up floating down the river together in a big circle having fun.


However, I think due to a dodgy breakfast , I threw up just as I got out the river and again a bit later, but I ventured out anyway in the evening to Smile bar where I met Hadas, a girl from Israel and had a long chat about the meaning of life. I seem to be having a lot of them lately!



Despite an early night I woke up this morning feeling tired and my stomach still a bit off, but the rock climbing was booked so off I went.

There were three of us learning, Tom and Patrick from Sweden and me(Me or I?.) Our instructor was Adam from Laos who's been climbing for 10 years. He spoke good English, German and some Swedish and was very clear and safety concious with his instructions.


Adam, Patrick and Tom

It was pretty straightforward, learning to tie a figure of eight knot and Belaying - slack, tension, lock and lower down.


Kerstin, an Austrian girl, came with us for the day to practice slacklining (tightrope walking). Kerstin has just finished a degree in sociology and is spending 5 weeks travelling.


Kerstin - Slacklining

Several of us had a try then nearly everyone joined in. I might have another go tomorrow if Kerstin fancies giving me lessons. I'm climbing with her tomorrow so I'll ask.


Or maybe I'll ask now in case she looks at my blog tonight. Kerstin - please ad your comment at the bottom if you think you're up to the job ;-)


Anyway, back to the climbing. Technically I had no problems but the physical aspects of the climbing for me was pretty hard work.


The two Swedish guys were young and fit so took it in their stride. I just collapsed in a heap after each climb. Three climbs before lunch and three afterwards (including lead climbing) left me knackered.


When we got back to the rock-climbing shop, Adam, Kerstin & I were entertaind by a friend of Adam's singing some Laos music.


I think it'll be early to bed for me tonight so I can recover for the 2nd day tomorrow.


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Dec 13, 2007
Its that guy from heros!!
by: Touran and Richard

watchas daddy-o,
Rock climbing look like alot of fun!!! Hope you are enjoying yourself. Adams friend the entertainer looks like a guy off the telly.. a programme called Heroes!!!!!!!!!! Love the photo of you up the cliff!!

Love you heaps
2e n Rich xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dec 13, 2007
by: dave and sue

i bet you have having a good time looks great but i think i am to old for rock climbing hopefully meet up in may i will call you before enjoy your holiday

Dec 13, 2007
by: Anonymous

That would be Tom , Patrick and I....not me.....lol. Take it easy OLD man, your gonna kill yourself...LOL. Glad your having fun....good luck with the tight rope lessons....you have a hard enough time walking in a straight line on solid ground at the best of times....LOL. Drown all those BAD BUGS with lots of RUM...no more vomiting then...I promise Pete...hehe

EDITED by Pete

That would be Grammar with an 'a' Bob

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