Will you take the Blue Pill, or Will you take the Red Pill?

by Pete Adams
(Vang Vieng, Laos)

Sunday 16th December 2007
This morning I tried to book my flight to the U.K. for Christmas. Tryng to pay using a Turkish credit card is not easy. Frustrated, I moved on to a bar to chill for a while. The girl put on a movie channel and a film was just starting.

The film was "La Bamba". I'd not seen it before. It was the story of Ritchie Valance's life. It made me laugh and made me cry. It made me think about the story of my life. Maybe I'll write it one day. Maybe this blog will become it. After all, our lives are like a filmscript, with us as the lead character and everyone else just actors in our life. We can write the story of how we want our live's to be, if we so choose.

A couple of weeks ago (in fact the two days before I left on my trip), Didem, Erdem, Burak and I sat around chatting and decided to choose a superhero character for each of us. The character was supposed to fit our personalities, who we were. Didem chose Neo for mine. A handsome character were the words she chose to describe Neo when I asked her, as I'd not watched the film properly. Wow. Well, I just had to watch it. So, this afternoon, I watched The Matrix. I have taken the Red Pill.

Just after watching the film, I had a long talk with Spencer. I think he's gonna take the red pill too.

Then I went to see Niel (Pan's Place - see previous blogs) to book a bus ticket for tomorrow to Luang Prabang. I've not posted Niels' picture before, so here it is:


Niel - Pans Place, Vang Vieng

Then in walked Seth, Niels' son. I just had to take a picture.


Finally, just for fun, here's the Barbers Shop in Vang Vieng:



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Dec 17, 2007
whats this about monkeys.
by: Mum Ann

you are obviously having a whale of a time. Meeting with a lot of interesting people who often become friends. No wonder you can only spare 5 or is it 6 days for us over here in England. Thats not a dig. I mean all that sun and fun. All we have here is frost, rain, fog and lots and lots of love. Guess that will do u. Come home soon for hugs mum and all of us. xxxxxx

Dec 16, 2007
Strange blog.....
by: Touran and Rich

MMM is this finished??? will return later................ Love you xxx

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