Yoga day 10

by Lee Persson
(Koh Phangan)

I didn't write something from the Yoga yesterday....
Day 9, so I jump to day 10! :)
It was not so much to write about actually.

Last night I changed my alarm tone.
I woke up this morning and I snoozed.
I snoozed until I fell back a sleep.
Woke up from the thunder outside at 08.15.
Class starts at 08.30, lucky I don't live far away haha.

So, I literally jumped out of bed and went down to class after brushing my teeth.
Yes, today it wasn't enough time to do Kriya Yoga before class.
When I showed up to class, our teacher is late – 30 minutes!
And I stressed so much.... GAH!

I notice that my mood isn't on top - really cranky.
And I feel that it's soon time for my period.
My stomach is like a balloon (or at least it feels like that)

My mind wasn't focused at all.
Now I realized how hard it is to focus.
I've had this problem my whole life. With concentration.
Many people think it's very easy and have no problem at all.
I actually got mad at myself today.
And I even yelled at myself in my head, to concentrate and focus.
I feel so god damn retarded!

My mind is like a puppy, trying to get away from it's owner...
and the owner has to control her pup and drag her in with a leach.
That's a freaking good example ey!?

The afternoon class was ”so-so”, still cranky.
And I had pain streaming through my arms somehow.
Low on energy today.
I had to leave when it was time for the lecture,
because I had to pick up my ticket for the night boat next week when I have to do my first VISA run. I also was really hungry.

When I came back I decided to go for a Thai massage.
I love Thai massage!
The women at Ananda (the yoga center), is THE BEEEEEST ever!
They are so rough but I love it since I have so much pain everywhere.

For those who haven't been in Thailand before,
I have to tell you that they don't care about what they say to you is mean or rude, it's their opinion.
Then take it or leave it.

So the woman who gave me massage asked me if I'm gonna do the DETOX program tomorrow. I said ”No, can not.”
She insisted that I should. Because ”I AM BIG”.
Thanks a lot, I'm trying my best over here damn it!!!
I actually wanted to do it, but "No money, no honey" like they say.

Then she pointed at my balloon stomach and said:
”Aaaaah, you need. You no like Detox?
You very beautiful, very nice, but need exercise”

(This is how Thais speak English)

Thai people never mean to harm anyone so you just smile at them and make them laugh so they think you are funny.
I answered: ”No money, very expensive. I detox in my room, no eating, no need pay”

Then she laughed and asked me why I don't have a boyfriend?
”Oooh, only problem” I answered.
She didn't understand HOW I could be single.
Some people say Ok and change subject.
But she seriously really didn't understand.
”Why ploblem? You no like? Like girls?”


(I didn't say that though haha)

I am SATISFIED with how I look, but Asian women is OBSESSED with their looks!
I try my best from now on, and to loose couple of more kilos can't be that hard.

One day a week, with only water, water, water....

We'll see how that goes! HAHA


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May 07, 2010
by: Lee

Yeah I know. I am so impatient though. When I do something I like I want to do it to 100 percent. I try and try and try until I go nuts hahahaha... But I am already nuts, sooo... hmmm... yeah... impatient like I said

May 07, 2010
Be gentle with your thoughts
by: Yogi Sinzapatos

Hi Lee

Don't force yourself to focus. Just be aware of your thoughts. Observe them. Then let them go. Be patient. Be gentle on yourself.

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