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Moving Overseas Guide Newsletter, Issue #006 -- "A Plan for Peace" & The Sanctuary
May 05, 2014


Tomorrow it's my birthday. I hope you will indulge me & read this short update & perhaps visit my new website as a birthday gift for me :-)

I originally started the Moving Overseas Guide Website (which I subsequently used for my so called "Plan for Peace") about 8 years ago when I was moving from England to Turkey. Many changes have occured in my life since then & I am now living in Mexico running a healing center.

I no longer write newsletters for or update the Moving Overseas Guide site but leave it online for the useful information it can provide for some.

Yesterday I sent out the 3rd newsletter for The Sanctuary Healing Retreat Center. I invite you to view it here:

Healing Haven & The Sanctuary Newsletter - Issue #3

"I hope one day you'll join us, and the world will be as one" - John Lennon

Peace & Love,

Pete Adams The Sanctuary Healing Retreat Centre, Puerto Escondido, Mexico

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