Halloween Party Turgutreis

Last night Was Halloween. Greg the Sausage King had organised a fancy dress Halloween party leaving from Turgutreis. The idea was that people would be taken over to Catal Island where a BBQ, party games & music would take place. It had been arranged that everyone would meet at Nirvana Bar in Turgutreis.

Bodrum Party - Didem looking beautiful

Unfortunately things went a little wrong as the weather took a change for the worse, after the first boat load of party-goers had left for Catal Island. They never managed to land & the boat returned about an hour later minus the food.

Fancy Dress Abroad - Jim & Umit - best dressed at the party

Fortunately most people still had a great time with the bar packed with people having fun. We ordered in some food as everyone was starving.

Halloween Overseas
Me - a pretty gruesome sight, but fortunately I didn't scare anyone away

Greg eventually managed to dock back in Turgutreis at around 11 pm & bought the food to the bar to cook.

Bar Abroad - Carol & friend drinking Efes Beer

Fancy Dress Bodrum - more Customers having fun






So, despite things going a little wrong, I think most people enjoyed the night. I'd like to thank Greg for organising the event and Sam, Belgin & Didem for helping out.

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