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How much is a habitation licence in turkey? My agent wants 1200 euro. Should the fact that two names are on the tapu affect the price of licence?
From my understanding, you should not be charged anything at all for the Habitation Certificate. What the Habitation certificate is, is a form which is signed by the various tradesmen, such as electrician, structural engineer etc. and by departments of the Belidiye (local council) to prove the house has had certain works carried out. It also enables you to apply for mains services such as water, electricity and telephone. Often without it you are unable to get these services. We have heard many stories of people in Turkey who have to share water and electric with a neighbour as they cannot get their own. It is not dissimilar to the Building Regulations approval in the UK (but nothing like as stringent). Basically, without the Habitation Certificate, the house is not yet complete. If they asked you for 1200 euro's to put tiles on the roof, you wouldn't expect to pay that, so why pay for a certificate which is a requirement to prove the house is habitable & to be able to get services.

No, the fact that two names are on the TAPU should not affect the price of the licence. Another point you should consider if you are still in doubt as to who should pay for the Habitaion certificate, is that a builder can make ONE application for a Habitaion Certificate for a complete site of say 20 properties which are all the same. He has to pay one fee only, so how could he justify charging that to each of the 20 buyers?

I cannot guarantee these facts as this is the picture I have built up over the last year or two from reading various forums & talking to builders and agents.

You can read other peoples views about the Habitation certificate (as it is not uncommon for agents & builders to TRY to charge extra for it) at

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