Turgutreis Barbeque

Turgutreis Barbeque - On Saturday 6th May (2006) it was my birthday & Lorraine arranged a surprise barbeque party for me. I found about it a few days before so it was no longer a surprise, but we all had a great time. Here are a few pictures:

Pete, Martin, Semra, Bob & Lutfi


Turgutreis barbeque - Semra, Jessica & Bob

Bob & Semra are our new friends from Turgutreis who've been very helpful to us. Semra runs a Pharmacy (Eczane) next to the Total petrol station in Turgutreis high street. Bob takes the micky occasionally as after reading the certificate on the wall, I mistakenly thought Semra's name was Eczane :-). Bob is a Canadian who moved overseas 3 years ago to Turgutreis. He is just about to open an Optical Store in Turgutreis. I'm looking forward to buying a discounted pair of "Dirty Dog" sunglasses from him :-)

You can't really tell from the picture, but Bob & Semra's dog Jessica is wearing a dress. Jessica's Mum & Dad spoil her something rotten. I think she has as many outfits as Lorraine (and that's saying something!) including a Harley Davidson outfit. I have a picture somewhere - hang on while I find it ............


............ O.k. - here it is:

Turgutreis barbeque - Harley-Jessica

Back to the barbeque.......

Turgutreis barbeque - Lorraine and Fatma

Turgutreis barbeque - Cowboy & Nile

We met Cowboy in "Bar Two" which was our local before we moved into our new house. It's a little bit further away now but we still visit frequently when Aybars the landlord sends us a text telling us about the latest entertainment night. Aybars has asked me to write a website for him but I'm trying to persuade it to do it himself. Anyway, back to Cowboy .... he's British but has lived here for about 3 years and lived in Australia for a while as you may be able to tell from his always present Australian Cowboy hat. His time here has given him a lot of insight into living abroad as an ex-pat & he is sharing that with us.

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