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Agama Yoga Mexico, the newest branch of Thailand and India's famed Agama Yoga community has now opened in Mazunte, Mexico. As is the case at the other locations, Agama offers the amazing and intensive First Level Course which looks in depth at both the philosophical and practical aspects of Yoga and Tantra. The first level course can be taken in it´s totality, or for a few days or even weeks. Agama also periodically offer the follow up courses to the first level intensive:- Level 2 and Level 3. Optional monthly retreats and one week yoga courses will also be offered at an additional charge. Spanish speaking teachers and course papers are also available.


UPDATE Jan 12th 2013

In November 2012 I opened The Sanctuary, a healing retreat community in Puerto Esondido Mexico.
The Sanctuary

The intention of The Sanctuary is many-fold. It is to a be a vehicle for healing, learning and communion. A place with a peaceful, calm ambience which helps provide a space to "go within". Among the main values held and which are thus, when possible given room within the structure are:
  • Open and authentic communication.
  • Care with diet including emphasizing giving and discovering what the body actually needs, with an emphasis on vegan kitchen, non processed/pasturized foods, sprouting, live foods and organic when possible. One of the main goals thus is to grow and build a vibrant and abundant garden.
  • Spiritual practice involving modalities including but not limited to Hatha Yoga, sitting meditation, singing/chanting.
  • Use of Tibetan singing bowls (we have a set of 6 bowls).
  • Inspiring and educational audio lectures by some of the world's cutting edge voices.
  • Periodic and/or on-going use and experiment in cleansing techniques which clear the body of pathogens, chemicals, viruses and heavy metals.
  • The awakening of creativity and expression by setting the space for people to step into their power and give their own gift.
  • An exploration and encouragement of the discovery of what it means to live with an open heart and the psychological and spiritual dimension of those questions and processes.

  • Pictures of The Sanctuary are available here:
    Back Home at The Sanctuary
    Healing at The Sanctuary
    Winter Solstice 2012 at The Sanctuary
    Yoga @ The Sanctuary
    The Kitchen @ The Sanctuary
    Music Night @ The Sanctuary
    El Santuario (The Sanctuary)

    We are now open to receive guests for healing. If you would like more information please contact me via my Facebook page or complete the form at the BOTTOM of the Volunteer page on this website to ask for further information.

    Mazunte is a perfect location for a myriad of reasons: Besides the fantastic surf, great weather and charming beach town atmosphere, there is wonderful food and quiet, inexpensive accommodation within easy walking distance of our school.


    The center, 'El Neem' named by Buddhist owner and professional healer, refers to the famed Indian bitter herb tree of which there are around fifty mature trees surrounding the spacious yoga hall. While El Neem overall emanates peace and tranquility, one of it's most appealing characteristics is the wide jungle and ocean view. The rural coastal town and area gets a favourable review in Lonely Planet. Guest houses are one or two stories and are brightly painted in the characteristic and warm old school Mexican style.

    As one Spanish journalist said "I have been to many so-called paradises through my work and travels which turned out to be nothing special, but Mazunte truly is a paradise, vibrant and so filled with natural energy and beauty."

    Communal kitchen & social area


    First Level Intensive Yoga Course

    Join the amazing First Level course for a complete introduction to the Science of Yoga which is suitable for both beginners & more advanced students. You will very likely come away with a new understanding of the meaning of life.

    In addition to the usual Yoga courses, Agama holds periodic meditation retreats, all Spanish yoga workshops, guest teachers and food related teachings.

    For more details, prices and dates of the First, Second & Third level courses, Meditation retreats and Three Month Curriculum: CLICK HERE.

    Yoga Mexico - Yoga Mexico - Yoga Mexico

    Use the form below to contact Agama Yoga Mexico if you are interested in attending any of these yoga courses.

    There are plenty of accommodation options for all budgets, either on our Yoga school premises, or in the very nearby villages of Mazunte and San Agustinillo. Click here for more details.

    Yoga Mexico - Yoga Mexico - Yoga Mexico - Yoga Mexico


    Getting to Mazunte
    If you are flying in, Mexico City is a good hub although the nearest international airport is Huatulco. From Mexico City, the fastest way is to take an airplane to Puerto Escondido or Huatulco which will cost around $70 to $100 USD one way in the non holiday season. Another option is to fly into Acapulco and take the bus down the coast.
    The two airlines that fly to airports near Mazunte are Interjet which fly to both Puerto Escondido and Huatulco and ClickMexicana or Mexicana which flys to Huatulco. Economy flights range from about $77 American dollars through Mexicana from Mexico city (55 pounds of luggage); It is recommended to reserve as early as possible. One can go directly to Huatulco from Chicago, Houston, and Calgary and within Mexico from Guadalajara, Mexico City, Monterrey, and Toluca. To Puerto Escondido which can be reached only from Mexico City one must go through interjet but can find similar prices. It takes 60 to 90 minutes to reach the school from these.

    From Puerto Escondido you can take a private taxi for 300-350 Pesos directly to Mazunte which takes about 1 hour. The bus is cheaper but takes twice as long. A colectivo (shared taxi) may also be available.

    From Huatulco you can take a private taxi directly to Mazunte. If you get a taxi from the airport it will cost about 1200 Pesos. If however you walk about 200 metres from the airport to the main road you can get a taxi for about 600 Pesos. Alternatively, from the main road take a green bus to Pochutla (for 20 Pesos) then a colectivo (a shared pick-up truck style taxi) to Mazunte (it takes 30 minutes) for 8 Pesos. This option is easier than it sounds and will save you 500 Pesos.

    From Oaxaca City, you can take the 8 hour bus ride to Pochutla (approx.. 300 Pesos) then take a taxi or a colectivo from Pochutla to Mazunte. Alternatively you can take a 6.5 hour mini bus to Puerto Escondido (approx. 150 Pesos) but the road is very windy & bumpy, so if you suffer from travel sickness, it is definitely best to avoid this option. Lonely Planet, Mexico offers some additional details and options.

    Getting to the Agama Yoga school
    The address is: Agama Yoga, El Neem, Mazunte, Oaxaca, Mexico. The school is actually on the main road between the two villages of Mazunte & San Agustinillo at the top of the hill, on the sea side of the road.

    From Mazunte, heading east, go past Centro Mexicano de la Tortuga (the turtle refuge and museum). Walk 5 minutes up the hill towards San Agustinillo. You will see Agama Yoga, El Neem on your right at the top of the hill (and 3 hermanos bar / cafe on your left).

    From Puerto Angel / Zipolite, go through Zipolite and all the restaurants and guest houses of San Agustinillo. Continue up the hill on the main road and you will see us at the top, on your left.

    Yoga Mexico Mazunte Beach

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