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Nancy Miller
Yoga Teacher Mexico

Nancy started practicing Yoga at a young age in Canada’s northern birch tree country. While still in the womb, her mother began listening to lectures of great yogis, which must have had a strong effect. Once out, during childhood, Nancy began sitting spontaneously in Yoga positions, flipping through books on Yoga, and imitating positions of frogs. She continues to listen to words of wisdom, to sit spontaneously in Yoga postures, to read texts on Yoga, and to imitate the positions of fish, frogs, and trees.

Over the past few years, Nancy has traveled along the cobblestone roads and through the cathedrals of Prague and Siena, traced the movements of tides in Thailand and Australia, and found herself in the temples and tablas of India and Malaysia, in the motion of the wind in Himalayan highlands. Throughout her travels, she’s found the greatest discoveries through her practice of Yoga, and she pursues it with patience and all her heart. Nancy has been known to perform the headstand for 6o minutes continuously, wrap her feet behind her head, stare at a candle unblinking for several minutes, and undergo long periods of fasting. She reminds her students that every accomplishment in Yoga must be accompanied by a focus with sincerity on developing wisdom and the heart, on opening to true awareness.

Yoga Teacher Mexico - Yoga Teacher Mexico - Yoga Teacher Mexico

With an MA in literature and a background in art and writing, Nancy brings myth and metaphor to her classes. She honors all the teachers who have guided her, from those of Ayurveda to Zen, massage to music, literature to art to Yoga. She owes sincere gratitude to her teachers at Agama and, of course, to Swami Vivekananda, who has helped her tremendously along her path. Nancy can be found teaching Yoga in and around Montreal. When not teaching, she can be found planting her hands in earth, her head in clovers, chewing on nasturtium, looking for heaven in wildflowers, dancing in the moonlight, musing on the constellations, scribbling and sketching in a book, pedaling on her vintage bicycle, and chanting OM at red lights.

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