A Plan for Peace - the novel


A Plan for Peace - the Novel
A Story about a Guy who thinks he can change the world. Could it be true?


Chapter 1.

She was beginning to wake up from the dream. It felt to her like the zone between being deep in dream sleep, and waking up in the morning. She was not quite sure where she was or what was real. She told neo this sometimes. Sometimes she thought he understood. Other times she could see the puzzlement & doubt in his face. She was feeling love however. It was getting stronger and she was much more trusting. He was more balanced. She could feel it. She'd been able to feel his excitement rising over the last few weeks, as inspiration had come to him and he started thinking about the plan again.

She still couldn't believe he was planning a system to "save the world". Those were her words. She was knowing even deeper now, that the only way to "save the world" was to "save herself". Since she met neo, he'd been almost non stop bombarding her with "high vibration" teachings, music, essential oils, food and much more. She understood more clearly now. She understood most of the theory about how everything is energy, everything having a unique vibration. She understood that what you think about most of the time is what you attract to you and what you become when combined with a constant feeling of gratitude. She understood that her vibration, the vibration of her thoughts, were attracting to her, people, places and situations of similar vibration. She now understood how she could create just about anything by consciuosly dreaming, but that she hadn't yet incorporated this knowledge into her level of Be-ing.

She could see it happening with neo's plans though. She was starting to believe it might be possible.

Sitting across the table from him as she watched him working on his lap-top, she saw his excitement and started to feel the beginnings of excitement in her body, down low. She was feeling more and more attracted to him as the passion for his work began to shine through him. She dropped her right hand below the table. He was engrossed. He wouldn't see anything.

neo's mind was on other things. He and angel had not been sexual for a while now. In fact they'd hardly ever been. He sensed some deep emotional wounds in her subconscious was holding her back from opening her heart wide to him. He knew it was coming though. In just the last few days she'd starting looking after the house more, cleaning the dishes, even making the coffee. She was much happier now. She hadn't cried for several days. He knew that it was his new found passion and the inspiration he'd been receiving, putting him back on track following his purpose, that was starting to reflect in angel. He knew all along she was special. He met her a few months back. In the early months she pushed all his buttons, then pushed them a little harder. She didn't know on a conscious level what she was doing, why she was here. But sometimes, a few very occasional moments when they got into the zone, she let him peep through a window into another dimension. In those brief moments he saw the other characters, how they were all playing their part, and in this zone they knew it. He saw the quick exchanges of glances between them. She knew too.

His mind now was on the plan. It was growing beyond his dreams. "No" he thought. "i am expanding my dreams. There is no limit". He smiled to himself. He had published a draft part one of the plan a few days ago, and last night he sent an outline of part two to a few friends and people who he knew would be able to help. A snowball was building. Soon there would be no stopping it.

They had been having internet connection problems again for a couple of days, since they moved to the beach. He could only get a GPRS signal on the internet dongle and there were no internet cafe's in the village. He'd even missed his two hour Peace Ambassador online training last night. He knew it was a good thing though. He would be able to download the class later & catch up. He knew there was a reason for everything. Now he was able to go with the flow most of the time. In his previous life neo would have been tearing his hair out by now. In the past, when anything interrupted his work when he was in the flow, he felt irritation. After nearly six years of being consciously aware that he was on a spiritual journey, and working on his internal growth, neo was now mostly aware when his ego tried to take him out of the flow. So when this internet problem came back, he just sat back and relaxed. He meditated. He allowed the mind to take a break and more inspiration to flow in. That's how Part Two of the plan came. And the idea for the novel. neo knew that if he didn't follow inspiration fast, his energy level would drop and the ideas would come less often. So now he typed away at the keyboard, starting to write the novel, thanking god for the interruption.

End of Chapter 1 - Continue to Chapter 2

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A Plan for Peace

i am known as pete, of the adams family.
i play a character sometimes called Yogi Sinzapatos
in this material world:

a Light Worker,
a Peace Activist
a Spiritual Helper.

a Peace Ambassador in training.
an Agent of Conscious Evolution to be.

i am a natural born citizen of the material world in which i live.

i am man. i am pure energy. i am boundless, i am soul.

i know nothing.

i am me

i am free.

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Peace Interaction with neo & angel

Hey, i'm neo. i've got something special to share with you. Now is chance you've been waiting for (even if you don't know it yet :-).

If you've read chapter one, then you should know a little bit about me by now. i hope you'll stay so we learn more about each other.

In this novel i will tell you about a WILD dream. In the very early chapters, i believe our minds will be blown wide open, beyond our wildest dreams.

i'm not kidding you.

i will describe to you a vision i have. In this vision, this dream, i live in beauty, abundance, joy and love.

The thing is, YOU can now dream along with me.

We will learn from each other and co-create, something ......

how can i possibly describe it in a few words?

i'm not talking about some waaaay off dream which you imagine but really don't believe.

i'm talking Real, Conscious, Highly Coherent, Synchronized, Scientific, Creative Dreams.

As we weave our dreams together in this way, we will be AMAZED at how soon we see them before our eyes.

i'm not kidding you :-)

Well, to start with, all you have to do to join in, is to write something in the Peace Interaction invitation below.


i mean it.

YOU could be a part owner of this novel and any revenue (paid in cambios) earned from it, once i have set it up to enable me to do this. This will take a while for me to do as i need to set up an affiliate scheme for this purpose, and probably a new website, but it is my firm intention to make this happen. More details soon. You can also comment without supplying your e-mail address if you prefer.

Now, you got choices.
You could write a comment about the chapter above, or you could could could say hi.


You could write a paragraph or two following on from the chapter above. This could include your character. Before you join in though, you should choose your own character carefully before interacting. i suggest you base the character in your novel on your "real" life character & choose positive characteristics as you write. If you choose a character to whom you aspire to be like, then you are much more likely to become like he or she.

Okay, back to your potential interaction.

i will categorise your interaction in one of the following categories (or similar) and add it to the start of the title you choose.


All entries should be connected in some way with A Plan for Peace - the novel. eg. You can make a comment or ask a question about the chapter / novel. You could start to write your own novel in which your character reads A Plan for Peace - the novel & about the impact on his/her life. i'm sure you can think of many more examples.

Your entry could be constructive criticism, but otherwise should not be negative, should not include violence (with the exception of perhaps a useful example to illustrate a point).

That's all i can think of for now.

Happy writing.....

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