A Plan for Peace - the novel - Ch2


A Plan for Peace - the novel
A Story about a Guy who thinks he can change the world. Could it be true?


Chapter 2 (Chapter 1 here)

neo awoke to a new day. He made sure he sat down to meditate knowing that meditation was a vital element for him as he needed to remain as fully aware as he could, for most of the time, especially now. His sitting meditations morning and night were a major part of helping him be more present. Yesterday, he had paused for a while sitting at the table and closed his eyes to meditate. He realised that he couldn't remember the name of the girl sitting across the table from him, or where he was. He didn't try to remember. “Losing one's self”, a term he'd heard often, began to make sense. It was like he was expanding, he felt more outside the body, he wondered if this was the beginnings of kundalini rising. He tried to just be, and experience this moment.

He opened his eyes and looked into angels eyes. He was in the present moment, and she was there with him, but occasionally flicking her eyes from to side to side, or a putting on a facial expression, testing, always testing. He held his awareness and could feel their minds connecting. They were in the zone. Their communication was non-verbal. He placed his awareness in the area of his chakras, one at a time, starting low, feeling expansion and energy moving. He thought he was feeling her energy & she was feeling his. Her facial expressions seemed to confirm this, but tests to distract him still came. After a couple of minutes feeling in the heart level, he closed his eyes. He had not experienced this level of connection before and was starting to understand the term presence in a different way. He wondered who he really was. Was he the one “holding space”, for the dramas around him?

Over the last couple of days, the internet connection had been very sketchy. The inspired ideas kept on coming through him. He was writing them down in his notebooks, in word documents, spreadsheets, in e-mails & in his html program for web pages. He was disorganised, but knowing that if he didn't follow the intuitions, they would stop coming or slow down, he kept busy on his lap-top, putting idea's and actions out into the world in the times he could get connected.

neo knew he needed to sit back & take a breath, to see the bigger picture. He needed to use this time without internet for organising, listing and describing the inspired ideas. He knew that to be more effective he must prioritise tasks and ideas then focus on the ones which would produce the biggest benefit. He also knew that he had not yet been able to present the vision and plan in a way so others could “get it”. He decided that the highest priority task was the presentation of the plan, to ensure it was understandable and that its spirit and the possibilities shone through. He knew that when he had presented this well, untold possibilities, even one of a peaceful world actually in sight on the near horizon would be seen by others, then he could move on to the next most beneficial task. He started to write down the ideas, the mini-plans which were forming and would all help enable the manifestation of the whole. To start with he listed them in an order which made sense for a presentation.

a plan for peace - a plan for peace - a plan for peace - a plan for peace

  • The Plan Presentation
    A presentation of the overall Plan which includes the components and brief descriptions of them.
  • An Overview of The Plan
    The intention of the plan is to unite a large group of people using a system which allows guided communication between members of the group, with the aim of aligning our visions and actions. Once we are in alignment, having agreed on some steps to take and using coherent intention, we will be a very powerful force able to bring about big changes in the world.
    How many people are need to make big things happen?

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead

    i intend to initially “recruit” 156 people into mastermind circles, to get the basics in place before “launching” to human light-workers and light-worker organisations. i believe this “niche” will be the most open to the possibilities the plan has to offer & will therefore be the most committed to helping and sharing.
  • The Vision.
    A starting Vision, to be adapted by the interactions of the community members. It will initially be shaped by the mastermind groups & eventually become the vision co-created and held* by all the members.
  • The Community (The System).
    This is the system, incorporating all the sub-components, being an organisational structure wholly owned by the membership, enabling a free economy, free life necessities (to be defined), full employment (when desired), virtually self-governing and self policing. The structure is based on a network of circles, each member belonging as a minimum to one family circle of twelve. Anyone can join the community. It will matter not your location, language, currency, gender, race or creed. Ultimately, The Community will be an all inclusive world community, with no artificial borders.
  • Family Circles
    Groups of twelve people, usually in a physical location, which support each other to ensure all basic needs are met & nurture each other. A process is followed on meetings to increase coherency. Families will of course be free to follow whatever process they like, but The Community will offer some as guidance, for example: http://vistarfoundation.org/meetings.php.
  • The Code.
    This will be something similar in nature to the Yamas and Niyamas of yoga, or to The Code from The Intenders of the Highest Good. I will put a starting code on the table which can be adapted by the mastermind groups.

  • a plan for peace - a plan for peace - a plan for peace - a plan for peace

  • The Website.
    An organisational circle, a portal, a marketing tool a central point of entry into all components of The Community, and much more.
  • The Invitation.
    The Invitaton, sometimes also a Challenge. A method of publicly inviting people to join both the The Community and some of it's individual components, such as inviting a potential speaker to join and partake in the tele-summit. via The Game.
  • Ownership of the Community.
    Equal Ownership to natural born citizens only. All members “own” an equal share of The Community, just as we should share our planet.
  • The Monetary Exchange / Economic System. (The Cambio)
    A system to provide a method of exchange for goods and services that is fair to all, which helps contain energy within the Community, encouraging exchange between members, reducing and aiming to eventually eliminate any reliance on outside monetary systems, supplies or services. Larry K Masons's no-pom system appears to be a good solution. Here is a summary:
    You will be rewarded by Payers when you do things that benefit others. Your reputation will also increase as a result. The rewards will be in the form of Cambios. The Cambio is a medium of exchange used in the game. A currency we use in this game. It is virtual money. There is no physical representation of a cambio. It is not physical object money. The Cambio is based on Larry K Mason's No-Pom (no physical object) money system. This is the starting point we plan to use for the medium of reward and exchange in this Imagine Peace dimension. If we, the players come up with options that work better, we will make changes. Money works a LOT differently here. You will lear more later, or you can take a 30 hour crash course by listening to Larrys's free Audio book Invisible Hand. . Here is a summary for now:
    Cambios can only be used with other players in the game (but will quickly be expanded to all members of The Community), to buy luxury good or services.
    When you buy stuff, the supplier does not get your money. You are not actually buying from him. He is giving to you, or giving the use of something to you for an agreed period. You agree for an amount of money (based on the free market value of that item or service) to be deducted from your account. The supplier does not get your cambios. A supplier will be rewarded for the net benefit received as a result of his action, by Payers when the net benefit of him/her supplying you, is realised. That net benefit may be different to the amount you have deducted from your account. No government, bank insurance company or any other organisation can have an account to hold cambios. There is no other way of holding cambios other than in a virtual account. No business, no churches, no charities or anyone other than a natural born world citizen, is able to hold a virtual cambio account and therefore receive any payments. No one can tax you.
    You can increase the number of cambios in your account by carrying out beneficial tasks. There will be many beneficial task suggestions for you in the game. So, for any beneficial work you do, (once the net benefit is known), the number of cambios in your account is increased by Payers, who have made aware of your beneficial work. Payers do not hold an account and can therefore not hold any cambios. Payers choose to live a life with basics only, without luxuries. You cannot give your cambios to anyone else. If you choose to buy luxuries, then the number of cambios in your account will be reduced. Cambios are not given to anyone, they just disappear. They cannot be transferred to anyone else. Only you can agree to reduce the number of cambios in your account.

    Other systems for consideration and further investigation are: http://equalmoney.org (i have some reservations about this system, in particular "tagging", but may other aspects look good.)
    More systems to folloW.

  • Basic Needs.
    The system aims to facilitate free basic physical needs for all human beings. eg. Food, Shelter, Clothing along with educational, emotional & spiritual needs.
  • The Database.
    It has been suggested to me that a Dupal based system is probably the type of database structure needed, enabling groups within groups, events within groups, and events within events.
  • Communication.
    A social-type network for both social and system development is planned to be used for most non physical communication, with options for full transparency if members so choose. Amount of transparency chosen would be a component of character score.
  • Profit Centres.
    The novel, the website and the game as individual profit centres enabling the system to generate income to fund itself as well as to encourage members creativity whilst earning Cambios (virtual money) to buy “luxuries”.
  • The Novel.
    An interactive online novel published chapter by chapter as the plan develops, grows and is implemented step by step. The tale is told by an initially unnamed third party who is witness to the thoughts and activities of the main character neo and his girlfriend angel. In the story, neo has a vision set ten tears into the future, and a plan which he intends to develop to create that very future of which he dreams. He names it Peace Plan. #peaceplan.

    neo then starts to tell about both his day to day life in this new world, ten years in the future, and how the plan step by step, took on a life of its own and developed into The Community, the system which enabled and now supports a new humanity living together in abundance and harmony.

    A unique aspect of the novel acts both as a marketing tool for The Community as well as one of many ways in which members can shape the plan, the vision, and the community. Members can write comments, paragraphs or even parallel-novels, which become interwoven with the the novel. The more members interact meaningfully with the community, through the novel, the game & the external world where the game is also played, the more they are able to create net-benefits, the more likely the character, comments, paragraphs, suggestions or parallel novels will get mentioned or discussed in the novel and the game. The more people join in, the more others are likely to find out about the plan due to search engine rankings.

  • Portals.
    Your character, in either The Game or The Novel or both, is a portal through which new members can register into the Community. Registration through any portal gives the registrant both equal ownership in the community and entry into an affiliate type scheme used to track members who joined through your portal. The portal through which the registrant entered (or the owners / members of the portal), gets awarded an amount of cambio per person registered as it is assumed that a net-benefit is accrued due to your character recruiting members. You can give references for your recruits if you wish, which will increase their reputation or character score. If however they turn out to be less reputable than the reference you gave suggested, then this could potentially reduce your character score and your potential ongoing cambio rewards which you will receive based on the net benefits your recruits create. In other words you get rewarded in cambios, a) when you initially recruit, and b) on an ongoing basis provide your recruits continue to produce net benefit. A portal can only be a character (the representation of a natural born citizen), or the representation of a group of characters in the form of an organisation circle.
    eg. The owner of Facebook could join and create a Facebook Organisation circle. Any member recruited through this Facebook circle will count to rewards which will channel through that circle to the owner or owners of that circle. Ownership will be entered by the character who creates the circle. To avoid powerful organisations gaining large quantities of cambios through mass recruitment, the percentage going to non-member owned organisation will be much smaller than reward for recruitment through non-organisational portals. In the case of a member owned organisation, all the members would get a proportion of the cambio awarded for registration & subsequent residual income.
  • The Game.
    An online interactive game in a virtual world. Everyone who enters the game begins at level nine, the family level. When you enter the game component, you create or build your avatar, a depiction of your character. You see your character, your avatar, from a third party view both as you build it and at all times in the virtual world. This helps to disassociate your self from your character, both in the game and in your material world. Your character is born into a family circle in the game. You can either join an existing family circle or create a new one. Ideally you will create or join a physical circle in your location. If you are a nomad like me, you join a virtual circle of other nomads. You are offered opportunities to access secret teachings from our ancestors. You know that as part of the game. Players will give us rewards for beneficial actions. The Game is the basis for the testing and introduction of The System.
  • Character Score.
    A component of the game. Your avatars' reputation, called your character score. When you first create your character, providing a character name and e-mail address, you have a zero score. Adding of verifiable information from your real life character, can increase your avatar characters' score. Other members can give references / statements which if verifiable can increase or decrease your character score. Withholding background information will not reduce your reputation but will prevent it rising beyond a certain level and will therefore affect the level of trust you are given in the game. If you have something to hide, then you cannot have a perfect character score. There is however no compulsion to provide background information. Character score or Reputaion, once tested in The Game, will become an integral part of The Community.
  • Energy Level.
    A component of the game, which gives a representation of your energy level based upon many factors including your lifestyle in the game and in the physical world.
  • The Movie / TV Series.
    An animated short or series of shorts will be made, based on the early chapters of the novel. It will show neos' vision of the future, how he is living now and then track back to the beginning. The movie will fast-forward, pausing at key points in the story, describing and depicting with animation, the main components of the plan ( the novel, the website, the game etc.) and the tale neo told of how the plan was introduced and The Community was born.
  • The Tele-Summit.
    Stage one of the tele-summit involves a number of mostly high profile speakers, experts in different fields, who discuss and help guide the the plan. Speakers could be publicly invited to the tele-summit and to join the system and start to interact with other characters, either through the novel, the game, the social network or a variety of all components. The speakers also create their own character when they join. In the game, a virtual tele-conference takes place between the characters.
  • Self-Sufficient Communities.
    Local communities in the game, which are mimicked in the physical world, ideally comprise of 12 family circles, follow a system of self-sustainability, of perma-culture. Farming, eating, working and playing together, these communities are by no means exclusive and members will interact with other communities. Often, especially in suburban areas, communities will group together for more centralised production, jobs etc.
a plan for peace - a plan for peace - a plan for peace - a plan for peace

As neo read the main points of the plan aloud, angel felt herself understanding more. She still had doubts, but every now and then she got this feeling of excitement, a feeling that this really was happening. neo's level of faith, of seemingly unwavering belief, was starting to rub off on her. She was excited to be about to take part on a more tangible level too as they were intending to buy a second lap-top so she could help with the plan.

Angel had worked hard over the last few months in particular. She didn't quite know what she was doing most of the time, but she played her part to perfection. Her part inter-twined with neo's, helping test him and nudge him in all the right places, opening his heart to her and the world while at the same time testing all aspects of his being. But now he was ready “and boy is he taking some action” thought angel. She was happy. She felt stronger now and was ready for action herself, but she missed her friends.

neo didn't do much work on the plan the next day as they had been invaded by ants. He reflected on how he had caused this. They had moved to a nice secluded spot by the sea that morning so he and angel had enjoyed skinny-dipping in the ocean.


On Friday 11/11/11 neo awoke just before sunrise with the sky full of magnificent colours. 11/11/2011 is a day of significance in numerolgical terms and, as he read from an article he received that morning, it is also the date which the Platinum crystal in Arkansas is activated. The article says this is like a switch being flipped which expands the consciousness of humanity. neo was looking forward to that!

With a pretty full day lined up of synchronized meditations starting at 9am (local time) with Common Passions contribution, he decided to do some yoga to raise his energy. Although a short practice, it was indeed energising, doing sun salutations whilst the sun rose over the gulf of Fonseca overlooking Isla del Tigres. He felt that this would be a productive day and sat down to write chapter two, intending to publish it in time for the first meditation and go through & correct any typos & grammar mistakes later.

End of A Plan for Peace - the novel. Chapter 2

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Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

A Plan for Peace

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a plan for peace - a plan for peace - a plan for peace - a plan for peace

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a plan for peace - a plan for peace - a plan for peace - a plan for peace

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