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The current mission of A Plan for Peace is to help create a consciousness of oneness, a return to unity, through the creation of a network of Garden of Eden Self-Sustainable Healing Communities. Through this community network, many other networks, communities, peace-makers and light-worker organisations, i believe a new Garden of Eden will be created on planet earth and humanity will re-member into Oneness.

It is time for us to come together to create new systems which are fair to all beings and create (as opposed to stifle) abundant, joyful and peaceful life. A Plan for Peace & the Gardens of Eden vision includes system of connectivity which facilitates solutions to all of humanities problems and therefore helps to create a world of abundance and peace for all beings.

Together as One, we can achieve anything!

By visiting the following these links i hope you will get a picture of my vision and the plan that is emerging from it.

The Sanctuary - a healing retreat community now open in Mexico.

My Blog - for the most up to date progress with the Garden of Eden Community Network.

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Volunteer Opportunities. Please consider the many opportunities available to co-create this peace plan.

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A Plan for Peace

We are all connected, part of a oneness that has access to all knowledge. However, when we are born into our human bodies, by design we become partially disconnected. We forget our connection with the oneness. We still have some inborn instincts, but we are conditioned, programmed if you like, by our parents, peers, and society. We become grounded in the material world which causes us to forget our connection to spirit (all that is, the universal consciousness, god, or whatever you choose to call it).

This disconnection from spirit means we no longer have access to who we are, so we are no longer in peace and we suffer. So the cause of all suffering is, simply put, lack of knowledge.

One of our biggest obstacles to becoming happy, balanced and peaceful, is our failure to completely open our minds to all possibilities beyond that which we currently think and believe. Once we overcome this tendency, a world of new possibilities will open up to us.

Our journey of life, indeed the meaning of life, is to seek knowledge and remember our connection with spirit. To remember our connection, we need to bring mind body and soul into balance and into harmony. There are many ways to do this.

Below is a link to my video-blogs during my travels in Central America, North America & Europe, followed by information which might help balance the mind, body and spirit of ourselves & of our mother earth. At the bottom of the page are my contact details if you would like to contact me in other ways. You can also ask questions or leave comments at the bottom of the page. i again encourage you take the time to sign up for the free newsletter (sign up box in top right hand corner of every page) to receive up to date news of A Plan for Peace and news of healing information and my Free Comprehensive 30 Day Awakening & Healing Program.

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More information about creating Health & Peace

The Intenders Of The Highest Good offer The Bridge, a free daily e-mail of spiritual teachings about using intention to change your world around you, and ultimately the whole world. This is a great way of finding out how using the imagination really works. I have been following this for several months and it is working very nicely. I met the author Tony Burroughs in Oregon and plan to interview him soon. Subscribe to my You Tube Channel to be notified when the interview is online.

Health Information

UPDATE May 2012 The health information below and on my Natural Way to Cure Cancer page was fresh about 2 years ago. Since then i have learned a lot more about healing. i have recently completed the MMS training seminar ans am now a Minister of Health for the Genesis II Church of Health & Healing. MMS when used correctly and combined with correct diet, colon cleansing, pariste cleanse, exercise and other mind, body and soul practices is an extremely effective way of healing dis-ease. An excellent place to find out more about MMS is this excellent review by Adam Abraham.

Please DO read the Natural Way to Cure Cancer page which still has excellent information about healing all dis-ease.

In 2008 a friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer which led me to do a lot of research into health matters to try to help her. I learned some enlightening information about improving our health using "alternative" methods last year when I attended a yoga teacher training course, but that did not prepare me for what I now know.

I have learned that cancer and virtually all degenerative diseases can be prevented and cured NOW, easily and cheaply.

While I was in San Francisco I had the privilege of meeting Bill Henderson, author of Cancer Free. Please look at Bill Henderson's Cancer Free website to find out his recommended protocol for preventing and treating cancer.

The information here could help save your life and that of your friends and family if you share it.

I summarised Bill's protocol on the Natural Way to Cure Cancer page on my website and also did a multi part video interview with him. Here is the first one where Bill giving you his own summary:

If you would like to know why we don't know that Cancer Can Be Cured easily, watch the preview of Mike Anderson's movie Healing Cancer from Inside Out:

It IS possible for one idea to change the world. This trailer of the movie PAY IT FORWARD gives you an idea how.

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Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
Yogi Sinzapatos (pete, of the adams family)
A Plan for Peace


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The Sanctuary


Thirty Day Awakening & Healing Plan
to help awaken to the matrix and heal virtually all dis-ease.

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