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Hi, I'm Pete from Moving Overseas Guide.

I'd like to give you a little background about me, including how & why Moving Overseas Guide was created.

How did I get this far ?

In 2003, I met & got together with a girl whose dream was to move abroad. Although i was very tempted by the idea, it took me a couple of yearrs, several holidays abroad & lots of thinking & planning, before i finally made a definite decision at the beginning of 2005 to go for it.

At that time i was in my forties with two grown up children and a partner in FreightForce Distribution, a road haulage & removals business in Norfolk, England. i decided to leave my business partner to continue running it whilst I started a new life abroad.

Note: As of August 2015 i am no longer updating this website. I now live in Mexico running The Sanctuary Holistic Healing Center.

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i had been very business minded all my working life & only in recent years had started to become more "people focused" and opening up to new levels of being (beyond the physical world). I moved abroad to spend less time working & more time appreciating life. I now see life from a completely different angle thanks to...... (click here to read about some of the important influences which helped me to change my outlook on life).

During 2005, my girlfriend and i tried to find out as much as we could about moving & living overseas. We took a couple of trips abroad to possible locations which included Italy, Greece & Turkey. We decided to move to Turkey for many reasons. We found the places we visited in Turkey to be full of hospitable people, breathtaking scenery, good food and most of all, day after day of blue skies and sunshine.
Our plan was to start a business related to tourism. I saw lots of opportunities, one of which included property development and this Moving Overseas Guide website was also part of the plan as I hoped to eventually produce an income from it. As it turns out, although i could have done so, my interests have since changed vastly from a desire to make money, to a desire to expand my consciousness and remember the oneness.. This website is therefore more focused on creating Peace than to moving overseas.

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How I planned the website business ?
I had a head start thanks to a company I stumbled upon whilst doing research for
starting a business. Using features too numerous to list but including easy to use templates, unlimited hosting & e-mail, plus free search engine submission, they enabled me to build this Moving Overseas Guide website despite my limited knowledge of web site design.

Combined with hard work & persistence this "system" enabled me to build my site & business & could have ultimately allowed me to enjoy the lifestyle I then desired to live. Read why & how I created this website if you'd like to learn more.


Before the move
We had lots of loose ends to tie up which included selling my house, car & motorbike :-( picture on the left ), selling the furniture, etc. On top of this we needed to apply for visas, work permits & set up a company in Turkey.

We visited Turkey again in October 2005 to view some land as I was planning to build in the Bodrum area. My house in England was put up for sale & I had 3 viewers within 5 days of putting the house on the market with TOPS Property Services. I was very pleased with thier service and I accepted an offer within a month, the sale completing in late March to coincide with the date of our move abroad. We researched the requirements for my girlfriend's cat Charlie to come with us to Turkey. At first she thought she may leave him in the UK but it was eventually decided to bring him with us. "He is a hardy little thing, has boundless energy and we have been together since he was small enough to hold in the palm of my hand." So Charlie became a Turkish resident too, when we eventually moved in April 2006.

After the move
For a while i worked in partnership with a Turkish Property agent, and planned a small development of apartments in Turkey and for a while i offered a Property Purchase Advice Service. i purchased 730 m2 of land in Mumcular, close to Bodrum. In the end i did not go ahead with the Mumcular development but i still have the land which i would consider selling, as i'm now living in Mexico. Click here to contact me if you would like to make an offer for the land.

I separated from my girlfriend in 2007, helped run a Cafe-Bar in Turgutreis on the Bodrum Peninsula for a while, having purchased a share in the business in early 2007, before giving my share to my business partner in 2008. i then visited Thailand where i discovered the Science of Yoga.

At the end of 2008, having visited Laos, Malaysia & Cambodia with my then Turkish girlfriend Didem, i returned to Turkey for a while before going to help start a new branch of Agama Yoga in Mexico. As of April 2012 i am now living & helping to develop the Garden of Eden Organic Farming & Healing Community.

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Peace & Love

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