autism treatment center, May 7th 2012

by pete, of the adams family
(Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

Jim Humble demonstrating MMS in ear

Jim Humble demonstrating MMS in ear

Jim Humble demonstrating MMS in ear
autism treatment center, Kerri Rivera

Today was my first day at the MMS conference in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, a day packed full of great information about curing disease using MMS. i took eight standard 3 drop doses of MMS and put some in my eyes, ears and nose as well as inhaling the gas.

i fasted during the day and spent the lunch break talking with several of the attendees about their experiences with MMS and about the Gardens of Eden Healing Centres. The vision for the Gardens of Eden is becoming more and more clear and now has a start date planned for mid June,

i recorded a couple of short videos of Kerri Rivera talking about her success curing Autism from her autism treatment center in Puerto Vallarta, using MMS and an oxygen chamber as part of a protocol to cure autism. You can view them here and here here
Peace & Love

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