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Choosing the best place to live for you.

Italy (5K) Boston (2K) Switzerland (2K) Paris (2K)

There is of course no one best place. Everyone has different views about life, culture, climate and lifestyle, so one persons paradise can be another persons hell. You may be looking for the best place to retire overseas or perhaps you're planning on starting a business abroad.

As the worlds media seem to report that 21st december 2012 ( winter solstice 2012 ) could be the 2012 end of the world, you might even be looking for a place for surviving 2012 apocalypse.

Many people are asking what will happen in 2012 ? (approximately 1,900 searches every month according to Sitesells' Brainstorm It statistics).

i most certainly do not share the 12 21 2012 end of world view, but do feel strongly that a major shift in consciousness is already happening which will change the way we live in this world. i therefore feel it is extremely important that we examine carefully the way we are treating our precious planet and our fellow beings with who we share mother earth.

Perhaps the question should not be what is the best place to live, but what is the best WAY to live? i invite you to join the Birth 2012 Movement to help co-create a peaceful and harmonious world in 2012.

i am continuing to make changes in the way i live and am now living at the Garden of Eden Organic Farming & Healing Community in Yucatan, Mexico. For me, this is currently the best place to live. If you are considering moving overseas for health reasons, or you know anyone who is not in optimum health, please consider coming to visit us or even to live here. Headed by Cuban healer Pedro Puhma Rios, our staff will expertly assist and guide you, enabling you to heal yourself of conditions such as asthma, cancer (all types), diabetes, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, heart disease, leukemia, multiple sclerosis, etc.

If you're planning on moving overseas you now have a great chance of finding & moving to your best place to live. So make the most of this opportunity & take a good look at the following pages. We'll initially concentrate on the most popular countries to which people move.

We give you a brief overview, providing information such as; facts about culture, religion, population & climate. We try to give you  just the main points so as not to swamp you with too much information. We will also provide links to where you can find more detailed information if you like the sound of the country.

Important questions
- to help decide on your best place to live:
spinning globe

  • What are the opportunities in this country ?
  • What is the cost of living like ?
  • How easy is it to get a work permit ?
  • Do I want to learn the language or would I rather just speak English ?
  • Moving

  • Is it close enough to home ?
  • Will I like the culture ?
  • Will I like the climate ?

  • Just click on the flag or country name below to help find the answers. (Where we have not yet provided an overview of a country, a new window will open taking you to The World Factbook giving detailed information of your possible best place to live).

    Mexico flag Mexico -- It's not all Tacos & Tequila! The country’s colonial heritage—bequeathed by the Spaniards—has been carefully preserved across Mexico. It’s a rich heritage that today offers travelers and expats real value. i first came here (to Oaxaca) about 4 years ago and like it so much i am now living here, close to the historic city of Izamal.

    If you are considering Mexico as a place to live, i recommend checking out

    Spain flag Spain -- Long sandy beaches, beautiful weather, flamenco dancing & stunning architecture. Could this be your dream destination ?

    Turkey flag Turkey -- A country rich with history and culture, lapped by crystal clear turquoise waters. The place we have chosen to be our Best Place to Live.
    See our Turkey Property Buying Guide

    France flag France -- the most visited Country in the world. With hot summers and mild winters the French gave the world Champagne and Camembert. How do you fancy living in your own Gîte ?

    Italy flagItaly -- a popular destination for City breaks with three of the worlds most beautiful Cities: Rome, Venice and Florence. Good food, good wine and improving your wardrobe. Could this be the place for you ?

    Greece flag Greece -- A crossroads of cultures, civilisations and colours. Beautiful beaches, history and nightlife as well as places for those wishing for a more quite escape. From smoggy Athens to blindingly bright islands. Your future home?

    Australia flag Australia -- an island and a continent, it is the sixth biggest country in the world. Australia is a country unlike any other, with an amazing variety of landscapes, climate, animals, plants, people, cultures and lifestyles.

    New Zealand flag New Zealand -- diverse and multi-cultural, New Zealand comprises of two main islands & several smaller ones. One of the worlds least crowded countries, comparable in size to Great Britain but with a population of only 4 million it has a temperate climate with little seasonal variation.

    Canada flag Canada Many newcomers are not familiar with the geography of Canada and don't have a true appreciation of its vast size and the diversity of its people, its landscape and its climate from coast to coast. High quality of life, low crime rates, a strong economy. There is lots to love about Canada.

    USA flagUnited States of America

    For detailed information about all other countries, please visit Nations Online (opens in new window)

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