Bodrum Pictures

On our Bodrum Pictures page, we take you on a mini-tour, showing you a selection of pictures from our travels around the peninsula giving a brief description of some of the main towns & villages. We offer you just a brief view of the area as we wouldn't hope to compete with the many other sites giving far more in depth information. We will however link to some of the better ones at the bottom of the page.


Famed for it's Sailing, the Castle of Saint Peter & for it's mile long Bar Street, Bodrum is apparently frequented by the "rich & famous". With a population of approximately 30,000 out of season, it is a hive of activity during the long summer months with tourists boosting this number to around 300,000.

If you like to party the night away, this is definitely the place to do it with clubs which include Halikarnas, reported as being the biggest open air club in Europe with weekly foam party nights.

Bodrum Pictures - Bodrum Castle at Night

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Formerly the ancient town of Halicarnassus, Bodrum's skyline is dominated by the 5000 year old Castle, a splendid monument of Frankish architecture. The chapel of the Knights in the centre of the Castle is host to the Museum of Antiquities.

Bodrum Castle by Day

If you fancy a cruise on one of those luxury gulet's (Turkish wooden Yacht), then take a look at my Bodrum Gulet Cruises page.

A view from Bodrum castle.

Bodrum Pictures - Bodrum Beach


Gümüslük, the ancient port of Myndos, is a small village at the end of Bodrum Peninsula. In contrast to the hustle & bustle of Bodrum, Gümüslük is quiet & quaint, having planning restrictions preventing new building & even regulations to stop playing of loud music.

With it's famous fish restaurants right beside the sea, you can dip your hand in the water & even see the fish while you eat. When choosing your fish, make sure you haggle to get a good price.

Gümüslük Bay

A Gümüslük Bay Restaurant

Bodrum Pictures - Gümüslük Restaurant

Bodrum Pictures - Rabbit Island Gümüslük

At low tide, you can walk through the sea between two of the bays across to the tiny Rabbit island which has the remains of some ancient houses on it's shores.

Visit our Gumusluk Pictures page for lots more pictures of Rabbit Island and Gumusluk


Gundogan (pronounced "Goondwharn" as the 2nd g is silent), has a very pretty walkway around the main bay. Lorraine & I walked the entire length of this in Summer 2005 & I guess it must have been the best part of 2 miles. With quiet cafes, restaurants, water sports, beaches, small wooden sun bathing piers & a tiny mosque, it's a walk not to be missed. If you do decide to go, make sure you take a towel as you probably won't be able to resist a dip in the crystal clear waters. I went in twice :-).

Gündogan Bay View

Gundogan Sun bathing Pier

Gundogan View

Bodrum Pictures - Gundogan Beach


Bodrum Pictures - Mumcular - Unspoilt-Turkey

Although Mumcular (pronounces "Moomjoolar") is not on the Bodrum Peninsula, it is adjacent to Bodrum & offers a very picturesque & natural environment. As we are building apartments in Mumcular, we have devoted a complete page to the Mumcular area, which includes lots of pictures to help you get a feel for the area.

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