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What is - Buzz for Bliss?

Buzz for Bliss is part of A Plan for Peace to re-unite humanity. By joining together in a series of coherent, intentional, synchronised meditations we can create a field of resonance big enough to affect the field of human consciousness. A Plan for Peace shares many other ideas about co-creating peace. Please join us.

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A Plan for Peace - the novel
A Story about a Guy who thinks he can change the world. Could it be true?
Find out more here: A Plan for Peace - the novel


Previous Buzz for Bliss Promotions

We made a couple of funny videos (below) while we got our hair buzzed to bring attention to the Conscious Convergence. The videos got over 7,000 views in the first week. Before watching them, please read a little more about how joining in the Conscious Convergence celebrations & sharing our Buzz for Bliss campaign, will help create Peace on Earth.

When we join together in meditation and set an intention of peace, the world becomes more peaceful.

It has been proven many, many times by Transcendental Meditation studies, by the Global Coherence Initiative & research by others, that our coherent intentions have a direct affect on the physical world.

Professor of Government at the University of Texas at Austin, Dr. David Edwards, said "Although I myself have not been directly involved in this research, from my perspective of almost 40 years of study of foreign policy, arms control, and theories of social change, I can say that this is extremely significant research. I have participated in urging members of Congress and other government leaders to try it. The cost of implementing a permanent coherence creating group in the world is less than a single B2 bomber."

Common Passion is a non-profit coherence creating group.
Please join the Common Passion Cause to help.

How can Buzzing my hair help create Peace?

Buzzing you hair will bring more peace in the following ways:

  • Bring awareness to the Conscious Convergence, a series of synchronised intentional meditation events, centred around a main event on 17th & 18th of July 2010. Each additional person joining these events will add to the peaceful vibration of our planet.

  • Be Aware of the Buzz. - The Buzz is an internal buzzing sound in our heads. If you are in a completely silent place, close your eyes and listen. You will notice a noise inside your head. This is the sound, the vibration, of the universe. Keeping this sound in our awareness allows us to be in a meditative state. In the meditative state we are more conscious of our actions, and we are more loving and peaceful.

  • Be Aware of the Breath. Breathing deeply in our bellies, with awareness, also brings us into a meditative state. Cultivating the Witness, that part of ourselves that objectively watches everything, trains us to see where we are placing our attention. We can then choose to keep our awareness on our breath, especially during moments of stress.

  • Help Stop the Oil Spill by joining in with synchronised intentional meditations and clean up the oil spill by donating your hair.

  • Teja & Pete Buzz for Bliss

    Yogini Tejaswini gets her hair buzzed to remind her to be detached.

    Yogi Sinzapatos gets a haircut to bring awareness to the Conscious Convergence.

    If you Buzz your hair for Bliss, Yogi Sinzapatos will donate $1 to the Common Passion Cause for every haircut. Please add your buzz-cut picture & comments below. This will help bring attention to the Conscious Convergence and help co-create peace in the world.

    We are aiming for a minimum of 10,000 haircuts
    to raise a minimum of $10,000 US

    What else can YOU do to co-create Peace?

  • Meditate - Meditation is the single most important thing you can do to create peace, both internally & externally. Ideally sit in meditation for 20 minutes morning & evening. The Meditation Society of Australia offers some excellent free online meditation classes for beginners.

    Please also consider joining in this 7 minute synchronized meditation every day to stop the BP oil spill..

  • Buzz for Bliss - Buzz your hair & upload a picture of your buzz-cut & comments below

  • Share this page. - PLEASE spare a few minutes to SHARE THIS PAGE using the buttons below.
    It could make a BIG difference. For instance, if 100 people click this button: ... then maybe an extra 5,000 people might find this page & join us in meditation every day.

  • Sign up for the free A Plan for Peace E-Zine so we can let you know about synchronized meditations and other ways to help find peace within yourself & to co-create peace in the world.

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    Buzz for Bliss

    Join in the fun & cut your hair to remind yourself to release attachments & experience the bliss of inner peace.

    Tell your story then upload your picture here.

    For every picture & story uploaded here, Yogi Sinzapatos will donate $1 to Common Passion, the non-profit organisation that is coordinating the Conscious Convergence events.

    BUZZ for BLISS!

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