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Break-Fast Feast, March 29th 2012 - fasting feasting.

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Today i awoke to the sounds of cockerels crowing feeling refreshed and thinking it was just before dawn. After my morning kriyas i realised it was only 1.30 am. As this was the day to break my fast after 41 days of not eating, i decided to have a simple early breakfast of papaya with a little cinnamon.

fasting-for-40-daysIt was delicious! i then meditated for about 20 minutes and read a little from A Course in Miracles before starting to feel sleepy, so went back to bed.

Before i started my fast, i did some research online and found this excellent page: fasting feasting. i highly recommend you check it out.

fasting feasting - fasting feasting - fasting feasting

i awoke again to the sun shining through my bedroom window about half an hour after sunrise, so went up onto the roof for some sun-gazing. A gas delivery truck pulled up behind me to deliver propane gas to the house next door where i am parked. i am currently in Izamal, Yucatan, Mexico getting some minor repairs done to my motorbike and R.V. before i decide where to head next. i asked the delivery man to fill up my propane tank, which i use to run the fridge and to cook. i expect to be using much less gas now as i intend to eat 100% raw from today.


i then checked on the wheat sprouts i'm growing. Three trays are well sprouted and have started to turn green after two days, the other two trays have just sprouted after one day.

the-fasting-curei decided to attempt to make some flat bread (as described by Jesus in The Essene Gospel of Peace, Book One). Not having a mortar & pestle i used a coconut bowl and the end of a wooden rolling pin to crush the wheat sprouts. It was a very slow process so i listened to some Michel Thomas Spanish lessons at the same time.

fasting-to-detoxi didn't manage to crush all of the wheat germ but ended up with a very sticky paste and a broken coconut bowl due to over-enthusiasm! i then rolled the mixture out in a fairly thin circle, with a little sea salt. it's now sitting in the sun on the roof to dehydrate in another coconut bowl covered with some fine mesh to keep flies away.

fasting-feastingAt 8am i decided to have a second break-fast feast :-). One tray of slightly green wheat-sprouts mixed with a few oats, a ripe mashed banana, a little cinnamon and natural vanilla. Once again, Delicious.

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Peace be with you

pete, of the adams family

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