Gumusluk Pictures

Our Gumusluk Pictures page shows you the picturesque village of Gümüslük on the Bodrum peninsula between Turgutreis & Yalikavak. We show you a selection of Gumusluk pictures below to give you an idea what this pretty Turkish village is like. Gümüslük is on the site of the ancient city of Myndos, parts of which slid into the sea during an earthquake many years ago. Some of Myndos ruins can still be seen if you snorkel in the bay.

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Gumusluk-from-Rabbit-Island (73K)
Gumusluk from Rabbit Island

gumusluk-art-gallery (66K)
Gumusluk Art Gallery

c (75K)
Boats in Gumusluk

gumusluk-fish-restaurants (67K)
Gumusluk Pictures - Gümüslük Fish Restaurants

gumusluk-restaurant-view (99K)
Gümüslük Restaurant View

The Restaurants in Gümüslük are beside the water so you can watch the fish swimming in the crystal clear waters while you eat your meal. This is a view from one of the fish restaurants.

rabbit-island-Lorraine (94K)

You can wade through the sea from Gümüslük dock to Rabbit Island where you can see magnificent views of Gümüslük Bay. Here is Lorraine wading across to Rabbit Island in Summer 2006.

gumusluk-harbour (79K)
Gumusluk Pictures - Gümüslük Harbour

gumusluk-fishing-boats (79K)
Gümüslük Fishing Boats

crystal-clear-gumusluk (94K)

This picture taken from Rabbit Island shows the crystal clear waters of Gümüslük Bay. If you look closely you can see a man snorkelling over to see the Myndos remains below the sea at the other side of the bay.

fishing-in-gumusluk (68K)
Fishing in Gümüslük

If you fancy doing a bit of fishing in Bodrum, then perhaps Rabbit Island, Gumusluk might be the ideal spot for you.

gumusluk-bay-boats (61K)
Gümüslük Bay Boats

Ok, so that was our brief tour of Gümüslük. If you take a visit & like it as much as many people do, you might consider buying a holiday home in the area. If so, why not take a look at our Design & Build Service. You might be surprised at how small an investment you'd need to own a luxury villa in Gumusluk or elsewhere in the Bodrum area.

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