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Welcome to Heal me Now, a Thirty Day Awaken and Heal Course

An Intensive 30 Day Awaken and Heal Course

On this introduction page i will tell you a little about me, what this course is about and what to expect from taking it.

If you are like i used to be, a facts and figures kinda guy, please don't be put off by some of my spiritual talk, as i'm pretty that this course will prove beyond reasonable doubt that there is much more beyond this physical world. That's the Awakening part, and it's needed for the Healing part, as you'll soon find out:

heal-me-nowWho am i?
That is a very big question! Thank you for asking :-) For now i'll assume you mean the physical me. i will very briefly tell you some my background below. i intend that you get to know the real me over the next month or so. i hope to get to know the real you too and invite you to interact with me with comments and or questions at the bottom of this page. For more personal attention please use this contact page, or reply to this e-mail (depending how you receive this content).

i was born fifty years ago in England and named Peter Adams. i was brought up by my Mum and Dad in the way they knew best at the time along with my two brothers and sister. i was married for 17 years and have two grown up children. i started a business in 1998 which grew successfully enough to enable me to emigrate to Turkey in 2006 and have sufficient money to live on for a few years. Since then i have awoken (my definition below) and progressed a long way to heal myself. i have not suffered disease as such, although have cured myself of some minor ailments and continue to do so on the rare occasions they arise.

Over these last five years i have quite intensively studied health & healing and all things beyond the physical, through many different mediums including books, websites, audios, videos and personal development courses. i have learned and continue to learn through relationships and life. i have studied and continue to practice yoga and meditation. i now believe my life purpose is simply to enjoy life and follow my passions. One of passions right now is to share with as many people as possible the knowledge i have learned and wisdom i have gained, to help bring abundance, complete health and peace to all beings, including myself. You can learn more about me from my social networks and the rest of my website.

Important Note: I am not a doctor. All content within this information letter is commentary or opinion and is protected under Free Speech laws in all the civilized world. The information contained herein is for educational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment, or advice of a qualified licensed professional. The facts presented on this website are offered as information only, not medical advice, and in no way should anyone consider that I am practicing medicine. A conscious effort has been made to only present information that is both accurate and truthful. However, I assume no responsibility for inaccuracies in my source materials, nor do I assume responsibility for how this material is used. Any statements regarding alternative treatments for cancer have not been evaluated by the FDA. (or any other organisation who line the pockets of the already rich by preventing the truth being told and disease being healed!)

What do i mean by Awaken and Heal?
To Awaken, as i mean here is to become aware that this physical world is a 'matrix' made up of the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of humanity. This is a tall order for most of us. For myself, it was not until about five years ago, around the age of 45, that i started to awaken, becoming aware that i was a spiritual being experiencing life through a physical body. i believe i have awoken to the physical matrix but have possibly a long way to go before awakening fully (which i will perhaps define later). i am also far from being awake in every moment, often lost in bubbles of thought, and sometimes catch myself in a bubble of negative thought. But i do catch myself sometimes, i am aware that i create my reality.

heal me now - heal me now - heal me now - heal me now

To Heal, in my understanding, is to return to harmony, to balance mind, body and spirit. To Heal and to Cure i believe are different. i think it is possible to cure oneself of a disease for instance, yet not heal the root cause of the disease, so it is possible, even likely to return.


make me heal

Can i really heal myself in thirty days?
To a certain extent, yes you can. It will depend on many factors, one of the biggest being your willingness to believe in all possibilities. While researching keywords for this page, i note there are over 1500 searches per month for "make me heal". i intend that as you progress through this course, and beyond, you will begin to awaken, you will cure yourself of disease or be making steady progress towards that, and you will have started to self-heal your emotional wounds.

This appears to be a standard course for all.
Yes, this course is a template for awakening and healing for all. From what i have learned, virtually all disease can be cured holistically, that is, treating the whole being. It is no good trying to heal the whole by just treating the local physical symptom. This course aims to heal the mind, body and soul. Only you can choose the best course for yourself but i believe this template will give you a very good foundation to do that.

Will it work for everyone?
For now, perhaps it's best to ask Will it work for Me? Well, there is one way to find out. Why not treat this as a scientific experiment & try it for thirty days? You have a built in laboratory which is your body. Start a Health & Happiness Journal and write down how you are feeling and how is your health. Write your thoughts and feelings in this journal every day then compare results at the end. If however you would like a more personalised healing plan, perhaps for a specific condition, please contact me and i will do by best to help further.

heal me now - heal me now - heal me now - heal me now

How will this course be structured?
Each day you will receive an e-mail containing some core reading / listening / viewing and other practices to carry out. i strongly suggest you the core items every day to get the most out of this course. There will also be additional reading / listening / viewing / practices if you wish to go deeper. As you progress through the course you can choose of theses additional options as a part of your personal awakening and healing plan.

What is the cost?
i think that the biggest investment will be your time and effort. The more time and effort you put into this, the more you will get out.

If by cost you mean, how much will i have to pay?, then that will depend upon your circumstances. If you have no money to pay, or simply do not wish to pay, then no problem, you do not need to pay money. i do believe that in any transaction there can be an exchange of energy with which which both parties are happy. i will offer you energy exchanges options (including the option of paying money if you choose) so there is a fair exchange between us. For example, you could share this information with all your friends and family by word of mouth, on facebook, on twitter or by e-mail, etc. There are many ways different ways to exchange energy. For now, the first two days of this course are completely free (although it will be very much appreciated if you do use the socialize it buttons at the bottom of this page and Like this page on facebook, so that many others get to see this opportunity :-).

When can i start?
Right now. Enter you Name & E-mail address below then Click on the Submit Button.

Peace and Love
pete, of the adams family.

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