I'm finally on the way

by Pete Adams
(Istanbul, 3rd December 2007)

Today I set off on a backpacking trip to Thailand, England, Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam. Or at least thats the general plan, but who knows what will happen on the way.
I've decided to blog about my trip as lots of friends and family asked me to keep in touch and let them know what I'm up to. So, this is the start of my blog, which I think will be 2 or 3 posts per week.

I set off from Turgutreis at 7 this morning following a few sad goodbyes yesterday and this morning. I'm now in Istanbul at the airport waiting for flight to Bangkok via Bahrein, due to arrive at 7am Thailand time.
I have no fixed plans but expect to stay in Bangkok for a few days before heading North. I am backpacking on a budget/of €20 per day so will be staying in hostels, camping or couchsurfing (www.couchsurfing.com - if you don't know about couchsurfing, take a look - it's cool). A couchsurfer from Bangkok mailed me today and told me it's the Kings birthday on Wednesday, a public holiday and free entry to the Grand Palace, so it looks like I'm arriving at a good time.

Hopefully I'll have a few good pictures for the next entry...


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