Imagine Peace

Imagine Peace

Imagine Peace is a potential component of A Plan for Peace to unite us at one vibration to help create peace. Around our planet there are many millions of people and organisations who are helping to create peace, all doing their own thing, in millions of different ways, all helping raise consciousness and helping to bring about peace. I am just one of many doing my little bit in my own way.

We are all aiming for the same goal whether we realise it or not, a reconnection to spirit, thereby achieving Peace and Harmony in ourselves and in the world. We are all pulling in slightly different directions, each at a slightly different vibration. Imagine if we all pulled together, in one direction. Aligning all our individual energies, combining together as one huge vibration of energy, helping to shift consciousness from fear based control to love based freedom.

Imagine if we ALL joined together

For example, imagine that Avaaz, Humanity's Team, Yoko Ono's Imagine Peace, Mike Adams Truth Publishing, Good News Network, Shift in Action, Playing for Change, Mystic Garden Party, Intenders of the Highest Good, Spiritual Cinema Circle, Women One 2 One, Yoga Schools, churches, all the facebook groups for peace, your facebook & twitter friends, your neighbours, and many other thousands of organisations, and the many millions of us, in all countries of the world...

Imagine we all joined together in ONE big action, and ONE personal practice.

  • Imagine this Action: Billions of us, all putting up a poster in our house windows, in our cars, in our work place, on our T-Shirts, in our e-mail signatures, on our facebook and twitter posts, maybe a banner across our street, adverts in our local newspapers. That poster or banner could read "Imagine Peace". Imagine that, everywhere you look, all around the world, a world vision, in all different languages.

  • Imagine this personal practice: Sit down somewhere quietly, close your eyes & observe your breath for a minute. Next, imagine what it would be like if you were in complete peace. Visualise it, until pictures start to form in your mind. Observe the nature, people, animals and plants around you. Note the smells, the feel of the breeze and the sun on your face, the sound of the wind & the birds singing. Just imagine it. When you have a peaceful scene visualised, note how your body is feeling - your breath, your muscles, your heart. Now hold this scene in your head for a moment & lock in the feeling it brings to you. Imagine Peace.

    We are pure energy, vibrating at different speeds. By carrying out this practice (perhaps starting at just 5 minutes per day), our vibration will be increased making us more conscious, in turn affecting the vibration of everyone around us. If we do this twice a day for 20 minutes, it will have a huge impact on leading to peace in ourselves and in the world.

  • Imagine what an impact these actions will have on the world. Imagine the increase in vibration. Imagine love and compassion all around the world. Imagine us creating a vibrational shift which moves us into a new paradigm of Peace. A New World, where we are all aware of being connected as ONE. No more violence, no more famine, no more borders, no more harming our planet.

    All living in harmony with each other and Our Planet Earth. Imagine Peace

    WE are the ones who will make the change

    "It is my firm intention that we step gracefully into a new way of life where everyone, including those of us who have been the cause of so much suffering upon this beautiful Earth, take just long enough out of our daily busy-ness to envision how wonderful it will be when we are genuinely caring for each other. That's all it will take. For just as soon as enough of us are imagining that we can have a better world - by the Law of Attraction - it will be created. That day is coming. It is unstoppable, and you will know it by the absence of fear in your life and the fact that we are openly loving one another again. It is here in my mind now, and in the minds of so many that it can't help but come to the surface of our experience any day."

    - Tony Burroughs, Intenders of the Highest Good

    Would you like to take an active part in co-creating Peace?

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