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When moving overseas, many countries require you to obtain an immigration visa before they will allow you to enter. Here we provide you with resources and information to give you advice and to help you obtain a visa or work permit.

General resources is accredited with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner and provides immigration, work permit and visa services for most of the English speaking World and the EU. - provides immigration visa information for a long list of countries & is also a great resource for jobs abroad.

Country specific resources


For advice on obtaining an Australian visa visit LIVE IN which provides information on the immigration and visa system and a free assessment online as well as offering a complete service to do all the work for you.

Australia Immigration is a complex process and you have probably looked at the immigration process but find the whole prospect daunting. Australia Immigration was set up to simplify the legislative process. They take the complex process of immigration visa to Australia and make it easy; all you do is sit back and let them do the work.

Go Matilda - your gateway to Australia

Which Australian Visa a page from Immigrate to A New Life In Perth's excellent site, gives a very useful summary of the different types if immigration visa available for migrating to Australia.


Step by Step Immigration to Canada - start preparing your visa application in minutes.

New Zealand

Immigrate New Zealand - New Zealand Government site providing detailed information about immigration visas

NetworkZ Online was launched in November 2005. It connects New Zealand employers with skilled and experienced people looking for work here in New Zealand & will be the number one place to start for your New Zealand immigration visa.

The New Zealand Immigration & Relocation Report - "An insider's guide to New Zealand immigration, investment, employment, and lifestyle." - is definitely worth a look.
Lorraine & I have not read this ourselves but have read their order page & it would appear to cover everything. I also did a search on Google for reviews on the book & found several favourable comments in ex-pat forums. If we were planning on emigrating to New Zealand, I'd definitely buy it.


British Embassy - Turkey - Very useful information about obtaining an immigration visa. The pages guide you through whether or not you need an immigration visa, tell you where to apply, what documents you need & supply you with immigration visa application forms & guidance.

United Kingdom

UKvisas - this website will tell you whether you need an immigration visa to enter the U.K. & if so, how to apply for one.

UK immigration visa & work permits - gives information for UK Immigration, Work Permits and Visas

Skillclear - Many companies provide Immigration and Work Permit Consultancy Services relating to global immigration. At SkillClear INS we go several steps further. We are your strategic partners, providing a complete immigration service for Employers, Employees and HR Professionals.

How to arrive and thrive in the UK is an e-book which claims to be "The only complete guide to immigration and success in the UK". Not having read it, we can't verify this claim, but having thoroughly read the pages on their web site I'd very likely buy it myself if I were moving to the U.K.
"Securing the correct visa is seen by many as being the Holy Grail in the process. This is true for the early phase of immigration, but it's what happens once you've cleared immigration control that matters most to you in the long run. Visas are thoroughly explained in the guide, although in the bigger scheme of things the visa is the easy part."

Work Permit UK our own page written in association with Skillclear, provides comprehensive information to help immigrants to the U.K. gain a picture of how to obtain an immigration visa & work permit.

United States

US Citizenship and Immigration Services - Official Homeland Security immigration website.

U.S. Department of State - an official source of information about United States ( U.S. ) visa policy and procedures. Use this site to learn about different types of U.S. visas, the application process, and to better understand the requirements you need to meet in order to receive your visa.

VisaJourney - a very useful forum recommended to us by a friend who used the site while planning his emigration to Chicago.
"Our goal is to educate and provide general information regarding family and marriage based immigration (K1, K3, DCF, etc) for a spouse, fiance, parent(s) or other close relatives to reunite and bring together families"

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